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 Is Indoraptor malnourished like Rexy was?

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PostSubject: Is Indoraptor malnourished like Rexy was?   Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:31 pm

In my last post about Indoraptor, it was determined that it was roughly comparable with Utahraptor in size. Indoraptor is taller, slightly over 10 ft tall while Utharaptor was 6+ft tall, but Utahraptor is much heavier. Depending on what you read, Utahraptor was between 1,500 pounds to 1 full ton, maybe slightly heavier. And due to it's thick bones and powerful muscles, it looked like it was a ton too

Indoraptor, on the other hand, looks quite...thin.

Given how the overwhelming consensus among the JP fanbase is that Rexy was malnourished due to just feeding her goats, which is proven by how she looks far more healthier in JW:FK, was Indoraptor not fed enough due to mistreatment?

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PostSubject: Re: Is Indoraptor malnourished like Rexy was?   Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:31 pm

Seems likely. They kept it locked up in a cage in the dark. Didn't have anyone who really cared about its well being.
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Is Indoraptor malnourished like Rexy was?
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