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 Analyzing the why behind the backlash of Fallen Kingdom and how valid it is

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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing the why behind the backlash of Fallen Kingdom and how valid it is   Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:51 pm

^I agree 100% that the island part felt way too fast and rushed- the movie should have focused on it for a bit longer. I was hoping they would release some deleted scenes from the island portion, but it looks like that's not the case. Which is sad, bacause aside from the car goof, the island looked and felt much better than in JW imo. Looked a lot more like an untamed jungle.

Hmm, interesting point about the pacing. I definitely agree that JW moved smoothly and rarely had a boring moment, but tbh I don't think FK dragged either. I actually appreciated the slower pacing once we got off the island- though I do agree that the preparation for the auction could have been shorter.

I did not actually mind the side characters that much- only Franklin was annoying with the constant "not a T.rex" gag, and I do think some tense scenes (Baryonyx and T.rex cage scene) were cut off by uneccesery comedy. However, I kinda like Zia and her snarky attitude in the movie, and I loved the moments were she torments Franklin lol.
As for the villains, I do think they were kinda cartoony. However, I still enjoyed Mills and Wu and the interactions between them. Rafe Spall just nails the role, as ridiculous as it is Smile I'll say that the one villain I did not like is Ken Wheatley- he basically felt like the generic evil hunter, had a bizarre obsession, didn't have Tembo's honor and those Buffalo Bill impressions were forced. The Indoraptor has a pretty bad..taste in people Laughing

I actually thought both the Indoraptor and the Indominus were terrifying in their own way- the Indominus because of how big and unpredictable it is, and the Indoraptor bacause he just looked freaky and his sneaky nature. Though I think the difference comes from the fact that the Indominus felt much more central to JW's plot, while the Indoraptor was more of a secondary antagonist.

I definitely agree with you on the dinosaurs becoming less like animals and more like characters, and the overuse of deus ex machina moments. I really loved the opening scene, which is imo the most JP thing since TLW, and hoped the rest of the movie would be the same. But alas, ninja-villain eating rexy that is Smile. Although to play the advocate, the characterization kind off started with "Jason Vorhees" spino in JP3, although the JW movies maximized that. I also completely agree that the writing is lacking in some places, and Derek Cannoli oil should be replaced by someone who knows how to dialogue. The militirized dinosaur idea is pretty stupid too, but I love that the movies are self aware of that and point it out. Not to mention, like some already said, it is actually Spielberg's idea- for some reason, he keeps thinking this is the right direction. I have seen some interviews with Trevorrow, and he seems not very on board with thr concept.

Still, even with the missteps, I liked FK and found it to be a really enjoyable flick-mainly because of the novel references, the more JP like/less manufactures feeling than JW, but mainly because of Bayona's masterfull directing and Oscar Faura's cinematography. I kinda wish they were given full reign here, they could have really made a masterpiece.
Still, I have slight faith in Trevorrow (because he seems to listen to criticism), and I really hope he and the rest of the teams pull themselves together to deliever the epic conclusion the saga dreserves. I mainly hope for the dinosaurs to be animals again, the characters to be better written/less black and white and the story to be less contrived.

Anyway, I enjoyed the insight you gave- it's always fun to read opposing opinions to yourself and different points of view on what the franchise should be. I appreciate that Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Analyzing the why behind the backlash of Fallen Kingdom and how valid it is   Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:06 pm

Maybe that's why many people highlight TLW as the best JP sequel these days. It was the last JP film in wich the dinosaurs behaved like animals and the last JP film wich had a villian that did not feel cartoonish.

Link to the T Rex Spinosaurus rematch in Jurassic World 3 petition that Colin Trevorrow noted. We hope everyone joins and help us share it.
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Analyzing the why behind the backlash of Fallen Kingdom and how valid it is
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