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 The Indoraptors gravity defying introduction.

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PostSubject: The Indoraptors gravity defying introduction.   Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:07 am

Okay, so I rewatche Fallen Kingdom again and started to get confused with the part where the Indoraptor stalks into Maisies bedroom. I'll give you a refresher.

The Indoraptor climbs onto the roof, roars, and then climbs down to Maisies balcony. While still perched on the roof, it leans down and slowly opens the door with it's claw. It then somehow managed to slowly step it's leg onto the balcony? While somehow stepping down from the roof?

Maybe I'm crazy, but how the hell did it do that? It would have to flip it's body over itself to position it where it steps down onto the balcony, something even skilled acrobats would have trouble doing.



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The Indoraptors gravity defying introduction.
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