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 Island Creations.

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Ajay Sidhu1997

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Island Creations. Empty
PostSubject: Island Creations.   Island Creations. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2018 10:48 pm

Hello everyone, I thought I'd share some of my map creations with you today. What you will see here is Isla Sorna from Michael Crichton's second book The Lost World. Ever since I started playing this game map making as been my all time favorite things to do. I think of it like sculpting in a way Very Happy I'm happy to take suggestions, as long as you provide an image of course. I tend to have an idealized versions of all of the islands. I mix accuracy and practicality (as in you actually wish to build a good looking park there.)

This file you see before you is an S00 file. Basically it's just island itself, not the entire save file. So to get this in your game to play on you would have to follow theses steps.
1. Start a new game like normal.
2. Once loaded Save and Exit Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
3. Now open the file location of your JPOG game (you can do this by right clicking on the desktop icon.)
4. You want to go over to the "Data" folder open it, then go over to the folder named "SaveGame".
5. Once you open it you should see all your save file listed by the date and time in which the file was created. (If you did this today for example your latest save should say "Park - 11 Nov 10-30 PM")
6. Take the map you downloaded off of me (Isla Sorna Novel Map) and rename it to "Park - 11 Nov 10-30 PM"
7. Once renamed drag it in the "SaveGame" folder and replace it. Then open up the save file and you should see that the map as change to Isla Sorna.

I hope my directions were clear. I do this with all map I like to play on because it help avoid any difference in mods and stuff. Hope you like the map, I look forward to your suggestions!

P.S. If any mod maker wants to use this for any reason go ahead. SmileIsland Creations. Isla_s10
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Island Creations.
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