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 My Youtube Show, exploring the Jurassic Reality Nexus

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PostSubject: My Youtube Show, exploring the Jurassic Reality Nexus   Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:50 am

So I run a youtube show called, as it happens, Chaotician Drac.

So this show is basically about my adventures in the dimension where the events of Jurassic Park/World are real history, contrary to their being works of fiction in your dimension. The show is something of a Jurassic-version of Rick & Morty, complete with portal gun.

Currently the show is a mix of IRL, JP: Trespasser machinema, and toy stop-motion. Stress is high lately so it's hard to work on it but I have high hopes for the show.
As well, I have a long-term plan for this year to create a toy movie depicting the full events of TLW novel, since I've never seen a complete visual representation before. Hoping it does well.

Meantime, here is my episode on Chaos Theory!

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My Youtube Show, exploring the Jurassic Reality Nexus
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