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 Jurassic Legacy: Site B (A JP fan-script with poster)

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PostSubject: Jurassic Legacy: Site B (A JP fan-script with poster)   Jurassic Legacy: Site B (A JP fan-script with poster) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 19, 2019 11:18 pm

"My name is J. Quinzelle. I was born on December 22nd, 1986. What follows is a story of certain events which I was inspired to write,
based on Jurassic Park franchise films from the years 1993 and 1997, on an island which is known as Site B."
-J. Quinzelle; Author

So, I'm a film student, focusing on screenwriting, and I love writing fan-scripts. I've written two for Silent Hill, one for Harley Quinn, and this one for Jurassic Park. I see it as an exercise of passion. Jurassic Park has been my all-time favorite film since I was a kid in 1993, briefly had me wanting to be a paleontologist, and kind of my motivation to get into film. To be able to make that kid in me dream for over two decades, I want to be able to write those dreams.

Jurassic Legacy: Site B is a story taking place on Isla Sorna in 1993, shortly after the hurricane struck Isla Nublar. I tried my best to tie in details from the Jurassic World trilogy and Jurassic Park The Game. It was a lot of fun to write and I hope to get more ideas for future stories. I've been wanting to write a short about wranglers dealing with dilos on Nublar before the events of the first film.

I really hope this story is of enough quality to entertain JP fans. The Silent Hill community is kind of dormant, so feedback is none, and I have yet to search for a dedicated Harley Quinn forum. I would like for some JP fans to read this and share their thoughts. It's a bit more harsher with language and lengthier in dialogue than the trilogies, and I kept it like that for two reasons; I want this story to feel heavier, kind of like a Rogue One, and because it is kind of my writing style. Also, there is violence against dinosaurs by humans. At one point, Annette snaps a compies' neck. Just FYI.

The link to the PDF is at the bottom.


During the events of Jurassic Park, a second island, Site B, experienced chaos of its own during a deathly hurricane, with an invasion by rival company, BioSyn.

On  Isla Nublar, InGen plans to create an amusement park, Jurassic Park, for the world to marvel at bio-engineered dinosaurs. Although some  dinosaurs are to be bred on Isla Nublar for show, the real factory for  Jurassic Park is based on Isla Sorna, or Site B, as employees call it.

Site B is an island much larger than Isla Nublar, hence the dinosaurs  are given more freedom to roam, separating only the carnivores from  herbivores with a fenced up section dividing the island. Facilities  aren't as lavish as those in Jurassic Park, as they are strictly for  research and development of these creatures. With state of the art  security, transferring data to Isla Nublar through satellite, InGen  rested on a gold mine all of their own.

That is, until Dennis Nedry, a disgruntled employee, releases a code  into the Jurassic Park systems, one which was transmitted to Site B, and  technology misbehaves. In the direct path of a terrible hurricane, one  which barely touched Isla Nublar, most personnel are being evacuated,  but those aware of the security breach, they stay behind to assess and  neutralize the threat in Site B's systems.

Little do they know, south-east of the remaining employees, BioSyn  has executed a covert retrieval team, given the mission of retrieving a  live sample dinosaur for Mascom's investor representative. BioSyn,  InGen's hidden rival, is a shady corporation, having paid off Dennis  Nedry for his betrayal of InGen, one which ultimately released the  dinosaurs on Isla Sorna.

Caught in the rivalry chaos, amidst fearful tyrants and a raging  wind, are a couple, struggling to save their marriage. Phillip Mantell, a  security guard on Site B, he smuggled his wife onto the island in an  effort to impress Annette, his wife, and convince her not to leave him  due to his unreliability. Phillip quickly learns he made a mistake  bringing Annette to the island as a Triceratops rams his Jeep, sending  him and Annette deep into the Heart of Isla Sorna.

Restricted by the hurricane to unsafe facilities, some housing clans  of vicious creatures, these three parties; the couple, InGen, and  BioSyn, must survive the island and each other if they wish to ever make  it off Site B.

Something will survive. Will it be them?

Jurassic Legacy: Site B (A JP fan-script with poster) ?format=500w&content-type=image%2Fpng

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Jurassic Legacy: Site B (A JP fan-script with poster)
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