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 The GL pack

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The GL pack Empty
PostSubject: The GL pack   The GL pack Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2012 12:29 am

this pack will include

all large carn`s will hunt in pack`s by me
all herb`s will migrate note:this is possible i done it a lot of time`s by me
flee mod so that when dino`s panic they will not run around in a circle but they will run away by me
you can build swamp and erode by me
all lifespan`s will be increase by me
new dino damage by me
hatchery`s will produce dino`s faster by me
large carn ambush mod by me
raptor`s will never falloff their prey until it`s dead
male carcha skin 70% by mapusaurus 51
female carcha skin 100% by mapusaurus 51
male spino skin 90% by me
female spino skin 90% by me
new digsite
new dinosaur`s
tenontosaurus (cory model) CaliforniaKingsnake
argentinosaurus (brach model) me
baryonyx (spino model) mapusaurus 51
giganotosaurus (carcha model) Albert Harrison
new sky i think scratch
tarbosaurus me
night mod
daspletosaurus (alberto model) 100% Albert Harrison
euplocephalus mapusaurus 51
para skin me 100%
stego skin me 50%
trex skin me 10%
cory skin open
new grass mod by me
new terrain by me


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The GL pack
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