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 Cinematographer for JP5?

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Jurassic Mainframe News Team
Jurassic Mainframe News Team

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PostSubject: Cinematographer for JP5?    Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:13 pm

I loved the look and feel of "The Imitation Game", and "The Orphanage" was really spooky. I wouldn't mind Bayona's regular, Oscar Faura, did the cinematography at all! He's pretty much the opposite of how I felt of Schwartzman, who I felt had too much of a sparkling look in his movies. Of the ones I've seen him do - Pearl Harbor, Green Hornet, Battle of the Smithsonian, Book of Secrets, Armageddon, and Seabiscuit - (I've also seen Meet the Fockers, but I wasn't looking at the cinematography in that one), there was nothing truly striking about the cinematography of any of those movies. They were plain, and had no real moodiness to them. There was no character from the mis-en-scene, and I found that carried on to Jurassic World. I'm really looking forward to a more "Jurassic" toned film this next time. Something that gets back to more of the roots in themes. Nature, captivity VS breaking out, science VS God. That sort of stuff.

I want to return to the creepy, dark, thick jungles, reeking of filth and danger. The dark overcast sky begging to break into a downpour upon dusty, dry plains on the edge of the dark dark forest. On the beach, steely waves crash upon rock, roaring like a feral beast. Beneath the canopy of the ancient, foggy, primordial forest lie the skeletons of prey long ago picked clean. Their yellowed old bones tell the only tale that they were once living animals. But, not just any kind of animals. Humongous animals, animals that had not seen the light of day for 66 million years! Beside them are living dinosaurs, basking in the few shades of sunlight that penetrate down to the forest floor. Fog wafts in the crepuscular rays, which shine light down on dirty, muddy puddles from which the creatures of man's creation may drink. Nearby, in a steep vale, lies a shallow creek. Though prosperous and deep when the rainy season comes, as this point it is nought but thin streams that cackle out to the ocean. Their tranquil, and quiet muttering beckons creatures to their crystal clear quenchable liquid. But beware, one misstep can ruin the entire riverbed as larger creatures stir up much from the silty, rocky bottoms. Mud would ruin the drinkability of this wellspring, and it is a precious spring indeed. One must be cautious in this forest, for peril lurks at every turn. One misstep could lead to a broken bone, and when you can't keep up, you're doomed to suffer and die from the many predators that peak out from beneath palm fronds. Do not fret, though, because there too is beauty to be found. As beams of sunshine flitter down to fronds, one can find many herbivores on the plains. They feast on the nutrients their gigantic bodies need to survive. Beneath your feet in the forest the dirt is a rusty brown from to the island's volcanic origins and the coniferous needles that litter the forest floor. Your boots have been stained the same. Back on the shore, a fog bank rolls into the mountains. The vine-ridden, weedy beaches become soggy with the mists. The storm has finally broken. Lightning clashes in the darkness, rattling the metal pipes that rise out of the ground like some beastial metal monster. The remains of human activity sit rusting in the storm. The window panes are crusty with flecks of mold and moss that grow in the humid tropical heat. The joints have frozen, clogged with refuse. This machinery will never move again. Tires that have been dry rotted away reveal the rusted round axles and gears The remains of humans have been eagerly swallowed by mother nature. This is the kind of setting I want for Jurassic Park 5!

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Nublar Velociraptor
Nublar Velociraptor

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PostSubject: Re: Cinematographer for JP5?    Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:38 pm

Oscar Faura will get the gig for sure, he's done all of Bayona's previous 3 films & would be a good fit for a Jurassic film I feel.
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Cinematographer for JP5?
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