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 Topps Comic Scans

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PostSubject: Topps Comic Scans   Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:10 am

Since Topps is defunct, rights to these have pretty much burned out. However they are pretty hard to find both on and offline as some issues are strangely rare. So, Merry Christmas! Don't click any adds.

Comic List
Jurassic Park Annuals - Story 1 and 2
Jurassic Park 0 - Story 1 and 2
Jurassic Park - Issues 1-4
Raptor - Issues 1 and 2
Raptor Attack - Issues 1-4
Raptor Hijack - Issues 1-4
Return to Jurassic Park - Issues 1-9 with Concept Stories
The Lost World - Issues 1-4

RAPTOR: Art by Armando Gil.
RAPTORS ATTACK: #1 art by Gil, #2-4 art by Chas Truog.
RAPTORS HIJACK: Art by Neil Vokes
RETURN TO JURASSIC PARK 1-4: Art by Joe Staton.
RETURN TO JURASSIC PARK 5-8: Art by Jeff Butler. This segment was delayed to make room for some fill-ins but the series was cancelled before it could be used.
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Topps Comic Scans
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