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 Faelrin's Skins and Packs

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PostSubject: Faelrin's Skins and Packs   Faelrin's Skins and Packs Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 6:28 pm

This is where I will be sharing my skins and packs for JPOG. They are mostly recolors with a few things done to enhance them (new eyes on some). Of the packs that I've done (or started) so far are my Jurassic World and Lost World packs. I am in the process of updating some skins, but for now I'll throw links to the original packs. If you need images check out my JPOG photobucket album. I will probably add in specific images at a later time. Please read the inlcuded readmes for more information. Please copy and paste the links into your browser to avoid any unnecessary ads.

Edit: I will be adding these packs to nexusmods, as it is my primary mod hosting site, but only after I get around to updating them.

Link to images album:
Link to Jurassic World Pack:
Link to Lost World Pack:
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Faelrin's Skins and Packs
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