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 Jurassic World: Time Crash

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PostSubject: Jurassic World: Time Crash   Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:45 pm

Some of you may remember this story from Jurassic Park Legacy, where I understand the ending was awaited. If you're new to it, this story is about a bizarre catastrophe that befalls Isla Nublar in mid-2015, before Jurassic World would have taken place. The timeline splits and collapses in on itself, the island is flung into a mysterious realm beyond reality, and the staff of the park are left to clean up the aftermath...and find out what's happening on the island, and what their purpose is here.

The story is now on FanFiction at It's incomplete, but hopefully that will change before long. I'm quite busy but intend to get it done within the year.

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Jurassic World: Time Crash
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