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 alternate timeline Jurassic Park novel RPG -- would anyone be interested?

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PostSubject: alternate timeline Jurassic Park novel RPG -- would anyone be interested?   Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:55 pm

since i made one of my earlier threads here (which i'm still annoyed with myself for not being inspired enough to update), i've been considering the idea of making an RPG based around the idea being more of a full-on collaborative writing project rather than just an RPG. unlike the other JP RPG i've proposed, this one wouldn't be a self-insert RPG, we'd instead be playing from a specific list of characters (all either from the real-world novel or otherwise directly based on them; for example, it might not be Ian Malcolm as the mathematician park inspector, but an expy named John Columbus who otherwise fills the same role). while the plot would be essentially the same as the real-world novel, the setting and species list would not: instead of being set on Isla Nublar in Costa Rica, it's set on "Zettai-jima" in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, and instead of being attacked by oversized Velociraptor mongoliensis, the characters are threatened by slighty UNDERSIZED Allosaurus fragilis. on top of that, the outer world would be different, too, (though luckily that wouldn't figure as much into the RPG--it'd mainly be some altered place names) but more significantly there'd be some changes to the species list not just by what's actually in Jurassic Park but also what they're called, which i'll go into greater detail on if anyone is actually interested in this (and during the game i'd be making footnotes concerning the altered species and place names), but one small teaser on that front: the characters are threatened by an escaped Manospondylus, generically called a dryptosaur, in the tour car attack scene

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alternate timeline Jurassic Park novel RPG -- would anyone be interested?
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