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PostSubject: NDREP   NDREP Icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2017 3:26 am

Welp, I suppose I should prolly bring this back after a significant absence. My life's kinda been all over the place, I've started college and have been dividing my time between classes, my GF, my other friends, and differnt games, so I've not really done much in the way of JPOG (or Carnivores for those at the Saga), I've been mostly re-working the skins of the NDREP dinosaurs (again, I know) off and on over the past few months but I've finally decided enough is enough and I should just finish up the thing.
I draw "concept art" of what the dinosaurs are supposed to look like and then edit the skins based on that. Here's the ones I have done thus far:
Tyrannosaurus rex:
Siats meekerorum:
Triceratops horridus:
Azraeltyrannos kuroii, fictional theorpod:
These are the rest of the currently completed concept arts at the moment:
Zanabazar junior:
Oxalaia quilombensis:
Stokesosaurus clevelandii:

These are the digsites that are pretty much set in stone (the number followed by * indicates their star rating):
Horseshoe Canyon Formation:
Sphaerotholus 2*
Euoplocephalus 3*
Gorgosaurus 3*

Dinosaur Park and Hell Creek Formations:
Corythosaurus 3*
Monoclonius 2*
Daspletosaurus 3*
Tyrannosaurus 5*

Cedar Mountain and Kaiparowits Formations:
Acrocanthosaurus 4*
Siats 3*
Parasaurolophus 4*
Utahceratops 2*

Lance Formation:
Pachycephalosaurus 3*
Triceratops 4*
Edmontosaurus 4*

Morrison Formation A:
Stegosaurus 4*
Ceratosaurus 3*
Dryosaurus 1*
Fruitadens 1*

Morrison Formation B:
Stokesosaurus 2*
Brontosaurus 4*
Brachiosaurus 4*

Kem Kem Beds and Elrhaz Formation:
Spinosaurus 4*
Carcharodontosaurus 4*
Ouranosaurus 2*

Lourinhã Formation:
Allosaurus 4*
Miragaia 2*
Lourinhasaurus 3*

Nemegt Formation A:
Gallimimus 2*
Zanabazar 4*
Homalocephale 1*
Anserimimus 1*

Nemegt Formation B:
Deinocheirus 4*
Tarbosaurus 4* (will use Carcha model if I can get that to work)
Barsboldia 2*

Alcântara and Cerro Barcino Formations:
Tyrannotitan 4*
Oxalaia 5*
Azraeltyrannos 5*

However, here are some other sites that I would like to implement but I'm not sure about.

La Amarga Formation:
Amargasaurus 4*
Ligabueino 2*
Zapalasaurus 3*

Löwenstein Formation?:
Plateosaurus 3*
Thecodontosaurus 2*
Liliensternus? 2* (not sure which formations can transfer dinosaurs, I'd need to transfer Dilo to Tendaguru)
Teratosaurus? 3* (again, not sure which formations can transfer dinosaurs. Cerato would need to be transferred to Tendaguru)

Dashanpu Formation:
Yangchuanosaurus 4*
Gigantspinosaurus 3*
Mamenchisaurus 4*

Hell Creek Formation B:
Dakotaraptor 4*
Acheroraptor 2*
Ornithomimus 2*
Thescelosaurus 2*
These lists may change to an extent with the new advent of the TMD tool, but these are preeetty close to final, probably. If I still have a skin from the previous incarnations of the mod and I still like or think it's up to par, I will likely use that as it will save time. If anyone wants to help or provide input in some way, feel free.
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PostSubject: Re: NDREP   NDREP Icon_minitimeSat Jan 07, 2017 2:48 am

Someone said "Brontosaurus"? I join!!
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