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 Commentary tracks

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PostSubject: Commentary tracks   Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:23 pm

Are there any interesting audio commentary tracks available for the films, any you would recommend? I'd love to hear some more, particularly for the first two films, but it's hard to dig around in say youtube knowing which are gonna have any real value beforehand.

Jurassic Cast Podcast has old commentary podcasts for TLW & JP3, which are pretty good. I mean I know I don't really share their hyper-uber enthusiasm for TLW while hearing them ridicule every single aspect of JP3 the next instance, but I guess you shouldn't take their views too seriously.

Redlettermedia has another hilarious commentary for JP. They love the film while hate both TLW and JP3 (although Jay sees some redeeming values in JP3) so there's that, but who wouldn't love these guys? Star Trek references for the win lol.

Otherwise I have not listened to any other. Well except for the official commentary on JP3 DVD/Blu but that wasn't particularly interesting, apart from late Stan Winston's remarks which were somewhat insightful. It's bit of a shame Spielberg or any other member of the original crew/cast never recorded anything for JP & TLW.
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PostSubject: Re: Commentary tracks   Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:49 pm

Personally, I don't know how you like your commentaries, such as how much you prefer the speaker to gush about the film in question or rail against it, but there are commentaries for the four current films by one Jack Antony Ewins on his channel TerrorDome3000. Jack is, like any of us, a huge fan of the franchise and holds the two Spielberg movies in very high regard, though obviously the first being the classic that it is deserves more earnest praise. He enjoys JP3 but can see that it is a very flawed film that drops the ball on several counts. The first three commentaries were recorded in 2015, before the release of Jurassic World, a film he genuinely loves and makes a few comments in its favour. I will admit upfront, I enjoy Jack's reviews because he tends to be fairly gushy about the JP franchise as a whole and I enjoy that positivity and seeing the series in a fresh and optimistic perspective, even for the one film in the series I don't like.

I know we don't exactly agree on the quality of the JP sequels, but since you were asking for JP commentaries, I thought I would offer what I consider to be the most enjoyable fan commentaries to listen to. And if you're able to glean something to like about any of the sequels based on the commentaries, as I was when it came to TLW and JP3, then all the better. Hope you enjoy.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary tracks   Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:56 pm

Jack Antony Ewins is the same exact guy who co-hosts/hosted Jurassic Cast Podcasts I mentioned in the first post Very Happy But as I hadn't actually listened through his "individual" commentary tracks before, I mean I somehow wasn't even aware he had done them, this is actually a treat. Jack was always my favorite half of the JCP duo anyway, bit more objective. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll listen to them.

As I don't particularly enjoy the sequels - except TLW which I find 'okay' - I don't mind if the podcaster/podcasters are ramming them down or whatever. But I can also find value in positive commentary like with Jack here even if my opinions differ. You know when podcaster in question knows his stuff and can back up his opinions on why he has such enthusiasm.
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PostSubject: Re: Commentary tracks   Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:01 pm

Listened through Jack's commentary of JP, very nice. Some random points that popped up to mind afterwards:

- Really agree with Muldoon's 'incompetence' at his work Laughing I mean I've pretty much always thought that way, at least ever since I first read the book in the late 90's and compared the two portrayals, but Jack really put all of his actions in the even more dimmer light. I mean he's an amazing character and Bob has just the right attitude for it, but c'mon Robert, you were having a really bad week at work! I even started to think, who the hell says "they should all be destroyed" when group investing the stability of the island comes over... and your boss is there as well Razz
- Even though I don't agree with him on how Malcolm was supposedly still greatly portrayed in TLW, and especially how his change wasn't even shown or talked about, Jack did make an interesting point on how you have a character that's actually progressed, while Grant from JP to JP3 has "de-progressed" (especially his relationship with kids)
- When Grant asks Malcolm about the kids, I never actually thought it more as just him making some casual conversation while looking out of window. But I guess it makes more sense in Jack's point of view, you know that Grant's actually been starting to think about having kids since the start of the film when Ellie talked about it, and is curious already there. Even though he hasn't really-really started to warm for Lex and Tim yet
- The costume department did amazing job indeed, and when Jack lists the all the base colors for our main characters and the rest, it really makes you appreciate how you differentiate all of them just by core tones. Subconsciously anyway
- There's bird crap on Triceratops?  tongue
- Arnold has pink socks, how did I miss this crucial point as well Laughing  Then again I'm quite color blind so...
- Didn't know that the original plan was for T-Rex to drag the car down the hill/road little bit, which could explain the lack of fence on the other said of the road when the land cruiser went down
- The theory that there are moats all around the T-Rex paddock, but that they are just missing from the T-Rex paddock on tiny bit where the goat feeding area is because of convenience reasons, is believable
- It was funny how he pointed out the bits where the "big raptor" was, but still didn't seem to be overly sure with lines like "or is it that one? I get confused" lol Very Happy oh well

Now obviously I didn't agree with him in everything, particularly when it came to the sequel comparisons, but again as I said before he's very enthusiastic and genuine about it, and backs up his opinions well, so it's all fine and enjoyable to listen to.
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PostSubject: Re: Commentary tracks   

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Commentary tracks
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