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Search in: JP: Operation Genesis   Topics tagged under makejpoggreatagain on Jurassic Mainframe EmptySubject: JPOG Jungle Mod    Topics tagged under makejpoggreatagain on Jurassic Mainframe Icon_minitimeSat Feb 11, 2017 8:51 am
Thank you soooo much for the tree! (Swamps anyone?) Getting the raptors running through really enhanced the experience. I was expecting you do do the same as the other trees but this fits fine. However; I have one more favor as a fan, could you be able to do an up scaled model twice the size with the leaves enlarged as well? I'm trying to recreate the figs you see in JP1 with the brachiosaurus scene with Dr.Grant and the kids. If possible though, I know it's too much to ask but I'd really want this preview to be one to remember. You don't have to fulfill this request, but it'd mean so much to me.

On another note, if Equinox figures out a way to really mess with the source codes, we'll actually have dinos climb mountains and have waterfalls acting as water sources. Soon JPOG's quality will be equivalent to games such as The Isle and Collision Course, theoretically speaking. Ahhhhhh...... This year will be amazing.

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