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 Paradise Preserve

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PostSubject: Paradise Preserve   Paradise Preserve Icon_minitimeFri Jan 19, 2018 9:38 am

Hi guys!

For a while now i've been working a "book" called Paradise Preserve wich is about a zoo/park with animals from the mesozoic period.
Basic story: Before the actual opening the company decides to do a test opening where the families of the workers of Paradise Preserve can spend a week on the island. If the appearance of a UN investigator wouldn't be enough, an unknown theropod has been let loose on the island.

Species List(might change, also not all might actually appear in the story):
-Giganotosaurus carolinii
-Australovenator wintonensis
-Baryonyx walkeri
-Achillobator giganticus
-Hesperornis regalis
-Deinocheirus mirificus
-Chilesaurus diegosuarezi
-Segnosaurus galbinensis
-Shuvuuia deserti

-Shantungosaurus giganteus
-Olorotitan arharensis
-Orodromeus makelai
-Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
-Titanoceratops ouranos
-Edmontonia rugosidens
-Miragaia longicollum

-Amargasaurus cazaui
-Camarasaurus supremus

-Atopodentatus unicus
-Tanystropheus longobardicus
-Pannoniasaurus inexpectatus
-Redondasaurus gregorii

-Gerrothorax pulcherrimus

-Lepidotes pankowskii
-Mawsonia gigas
-Xenacanthus moorei

-Nemicolopterus crypticus
-Caviramus schesaplanensis
-Caiajuara dobruskii

Also, i completed the (hopefully final) first chapter and if it's possible i'd like to hear some opinions on it:First Chapter

Paradise Preserve Godzilla
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Paradise Preserve
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