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 Jurassic Aspect Ratios

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PostSubject: Jurassic Aspect Ratios   Jurassic Aspect Ratios Icon_minitimeMon Feb 05, 2018 7:44 pm

I decided to put this in a separate post because I felt like this could open up for some good discussion for the changes to the aspect ratios in this film series for the last 25 years.

While scrolling through the web for articles on the overall franchise, I found an interesting article on how the aspect ratios have gradually widened since Jurassic World's release, adversely affecting the presentation of the dinosaurs. Maintaining a 1:85:1 aspect ratio allowed Spielberg and Joe Johnston to frame as much of the dinosaurs as possible and allow them to effectively fill the screen. Everyone probably knows this story regarding JW's production, that Spielberg wanted to bring this aspect ratio back for the franchise, but Trevorrow wanted a much wider aspect ratio and so they compromised on the 2.00:1, which I personally feel was a very good move for the previous film in that it felt new but not too different.

I believe the wider 2.35.1 has a more cinematic quality, perfect for framing large crowds of people in a vast sweeping landscape, and has been used by the modern film versions of King Kong and Godzilla. Actually, I'm surprised the article doesn't comment on how they depict their respective monsters and dinosaurian creatures in relation to this wider ratio. It does end on a decidedly downer note, exaggerating the theory that the 2.35.1 aspect ratio is indicative of the franchise's decline.

FilmSchoolRejects Article on changing aspect ratios in Jurassic Park franchise

But I was curious what you guys thought about this gradual change and whether or not it affects how you view the film?

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Jurassic Mainframe News Team
Jurassic Mainframe News Team

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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Aspect Ratios   Jurassic Aspect Ratios Icon_minitimeTue Feb 06, 2018 2:17 pm

Something I like to do is compare the aspect ratios among the various releases of the movie. Here, I've compared the VHS releases with the DVD releases...

In JP, they clearly chopped from the top and the bottom for the DVD...
Jurassic Aspect Ratios PpEoHkn

Jurassic Aspect Ratios OQLZBmv

Jurassic Aspect Ratios Gu681O4

Jurassic Aspect Ratios 12K9ICV

Here's a couple more pics showing what the full frame looks like compared to the DVD frame...
Jurassic Aspect Ratios IHd2nR4

And here's the TLW VHS compared to the DVD:
The most striking difference (besides the clarity) is that the Blu-ray lops off a good chunk of the bottom of the screen, and there's slightly more on the sides for the DVD.
Jurassic Aspect Ratios 99MrgkI

Jurassic Aspect Ratios Fyjjywf

Jurassic Aspect Ratios JjL6b4u

Jurassic Aspect Ratios XaeLr0e

In JP/// they chopped from the sides for the VHS and widened it back out and chopped the bottom for the DVD...
Jurassic Aspect Ratios Kyt0o5v

My least favorite rendition is still the 3D blu-ray. The cropping is deplorable and the color timing has been shot to Hell in an attempt at replicating the color timing from the VHS...
Jurassic Aspect Ratios JP_4

Jurassic Aspect Ratios 3Xfrf9y

My favorite version of JP is the full screen copy I have. Even though you see things like boom mics, it gives you a whole new perspective on the film. The color timing is also the closest to the VHS...
Jurassic Aspect Ratios 5BnNPef

Jurassic Aspect Ratios EhzrEtL

Jurassic Aspect Ratios Df7JD1m

Jurassic Aspect Ratios P7Oig6Z

Jurassic Aspect Ratios GMcaWHO

Jurassic Aspect Ratios VVQ7a3n

Jurassic Aspect Ratios GGjU4tv

Jurassic Aspect Ratios OYCq9Mo

Jurassic Aspect Ratios IxTwoGb
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Jurassic Aspect Ratios
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