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 Chat Rules

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PostSubject: Chat Rules   Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:58 am

Chat Rules

  • Keep it relatively PG-13 (all Admins and Moderators will give you a warning if they catch you swearing excessively).
  • Play nice!
  • Do NOT be mean to non-members because they can join at anytime!
  • Do NOT post pornographic, sexist, racist, or other offensive imagery/videos. This can lead to an instant infraction and put you into quite a deep hole.
  • Do NOT post links to illegal downloads, torrents, malware, or viruses.
  • Respect staff and administrators.
  • Give people space, please don't constantly harass someone.
  • Please don't discuss the Tyrannosaurus vs. Spinosaurus fight from Jurassic Park 3. It is generally frowned upon in the JP community.

Please follow these rules and use the chat as nicely as possible. Have a nice day!

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Chat Rules
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