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 Jurassic Park - Project: Isla Gemo

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park - Project: Isla Gemo   Jurassic Park - Project: Isla Gemo Icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2012 1:59 pm

Jurassic Park - Project: Isla Gemo

Sunrise began to envelop all over Isla Gemo, lighting up the dark jungle that filled the island. Birds chirped happily while lizards squeaked and cried. The hum of powerful genereators filled the air, while the soft winds whistled soothly. To the public, this was an average island, at least for the moment, another extinct volcano off the coast of Costa Rica. But to Richard Levine, he saw eletrified fences, on one side, special guest amenties, such as Rest Room's, Food Stand's, and Gift Shops. But on the other side of the fence, he saw a magincal place, that housed living, breathing, dinosaurs!!! Richard woke up, and strectched his arms wide open. He groddily got up, and slowly got himself dressed. He finally put on his 'Jurassic Park' hat, with a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton posed menacingly inside a yellow cirle, with the words 'Jurassic Park' labeled straight across the cirle in an African-styled font.

He got out of his beautifuly-styled bungalow and stepped outside. He took a large breath of fresh air and started down the stairs. He looked around as he walked. He saw in the distance the large necks of the Brachiosaurus, rising up 40 feet into the air, and he heard their trumpeting calls. He could see in the Northern section of the island, the Cleaner Station's, which not only cleaned the paths of the island, but also served as Security Shacks, which patroled the paths, checking of any illegal actions. He walked down to the ground and headed over to the Visitor Center. He walked inside, and he saw a 20 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Res skeleton, posed menacingly, trying to kill a juvenile Apatosaurus skeleton. He walked up the stairs, nodded to the upstairs guard, and walked into the Mission Con trol Room.

Inside the Control Room, several workers, including John Arnold, Gerry Harding and Robert Muldoon either stood around the large room, watched the video monitor's, or worked at computers, updating the Jurassic Park System. "Hey, John, how's the system going?" Richard asked politley. Arnold turned from his computer, holding a cigarette. "Well Levine, the System is up and running, and all the dinosaurs are all in their proper paddocks." he said, before he smoked his cigarette. Richard nodded and turned to Robert Muldoon. "Robert, my deay boy, how is the security system?" he asked. Robert nodded, and said, "Richard we havent had any breakouts since October, and we havent had any deaths since August. I think Jurassic Park is ready for opening day." he said. At this, RIchard brightly said aloud, "Everyone, get ready for tommorrow, because Jurassic Park is finally finished, and will open to the public tommorrow!!!" he said cheerfully. At this, a loud cheer filled the room.

================================================== ===

The next day Richard Levine got up bright and early, got himself dressed in the best clothes he had, and went down to the Worker Cafe. He nodded to the guard, made himself a cup of coffe with cream, and went down to the Visitor Center Worker Office's and waited for a phone call about the first arrivals to Jurassic Park. Abourt 45 minutes later, he got a call from Costa Rica. He picked up the phone and spoke. "Richard Levine, Jurassic Park Manager speaking." he said in a firm voice. "Hello, Dr. Levine, this is Marty Guitierrez, your pal from Costa Rica. I got a call from America that 12 people are already in Costa Rica and are heading down to your island, to tour your biological preserve." the voice said. Richard asked some questions about the people, and Marty responded. Richard wrote down the information on his laptop, and the call ended. Richard notified the Control Room about the guests and the Jurassic Park staff was prepared.

About 15 minutes later, a blue and grey helicopter was seen coming towards the island, and landed on the Visitor Center helipad. Richard stood at the front of the Visitor Center door and greeted the guests. "You are now entering the lost world of the prehistoric past, a world of mighty creature long gone from the face of the Earth, which you are priveleged to see, for the first time. Welcome to Jurassic Park!!!" Richard said cheerfully, before a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex bellowed into the sky, frightening the guest's. "Dont worry folks, that's just our female Tyrannosaurus Rex, the mightiest creatur of Jurassic Park." he said with a smile. The group of visitors cheered with joy, and they rushed out of the Visitor Center, eager to see the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.
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Jurassic Park - Project: Isla Gemo
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