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 Despacito: The Movie --- Made by Me and my Brothers

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PostSubject: Despacito: The Movie --- Made by Me and my Brothers   Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:48 am

Why's it called Despacito, I hear you ask, when it's got nothing to do with the song, or even the word itself?

FYI, this isn't a promotional thing --- besides, five or six extra views isn't exactly going to propel our channel into stardom --- but we worked pretty dang hard on this dumb flick, and just wanted to share it with ya'll.

But first, you must be warned: it's intentionally silly. And also, the actors are too handsome for their own good. So just keep that in mind. Wink

(and in case you were wondering, I'm the mobster guy. Yes, that is me. What were you expecting?)

Anyway, without further ado, I bring you... Despacito: The Movie. (I actually wanted to call it The Dissident, as I felt that made much more sense, but my brother disagreed. And since he's the guy who edited this monster together, I figured he got final say.)

Check out our YouTube Channel! Comedy skits and random stuff!
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Despacito: The Movie --- Made by Me and my Brothers
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