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 Jurassic Park on current Nublar map

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park on current Nublar map   Jurassic Park on current Nublar map Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2018 5:08 am

About a month ago, reddit user, EvoTheIrritatedNerd created a map of the 1993-era Jurassic Park overlayed onto the topographical map of Isla Nublar as its current appearance in film canon.


Some adjustments were made to topographical areas including a ring of small mountains surrounding where Jurassic World's resort would be located, and including the river system from the older Nublar maps. (Coincidentally this actually helps explain the route the Mosasaurus would have taken to escape the island.)

There are some discrepancies in terms of this map compared to the Jurassic-Pedia's Nublar map, but hopefully someone decides to make a hybridized map that includes aspects of JP, JW, JWFK, and JPTG.
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park on current Nublar map   Jurassic Park on current Nublar map Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2018 8:28 am

Not bad. That map is pretty on point considering it's using only the JW map update in conjunction with the original brochure tour map. The only major issue with this that the VC should probably be moved back by the Raptor holding pen though however and there's a couple other tweaks needed here and there to it. Considering it's only using the tour species I think it's pretty much on point. When I made the Nublar map update I was trying to picture a "complete" Nublar with things like the aviary, Stego paddock, and Jungle River Cruise in play. Then JPTG came along and I added in those locations too like Sorkin's Lab, Quarantine Pens, and the Marine Exhibit.

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Jurassic Park on current Nublar map
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