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 How would you do Jurassic World and JW: Fallen Kingdom differently?

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PostSubject: How would you do Jurassic World and JW: Fallen Kingdom differently?   Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:07 pm

So, we’ve done a lot of talking about the Jurassic World duology since Fallen Kingdom’s release and it seems that everyone is decently content but left with a few pitfalls or questions.  So, let's say, if you were somehow given the chance, what would you do differently and how? I'm just curious about thoughts and opinions.

Here’s what I would do.

Jurassic World:
- I'd have the Indominus rex use some of its abilities more frequently. Also, instead of the creature being publicised as the new star attraction of JW, it would be the result of a secret project being developed by InGen, foreshadowing the sequel. Hoskins would also secretly stage the I-rex's escape, as a "field test".
- Mills would also explicitly be the man behind Hoskins and Wu; he wouldn't appear physically or be named, but Hoskins and Wu would contact him at two separate points. The first time is after the I-rex's escape, in which Hoskins contacts Mills and tells him that the I-rex's escape was a success and that Hoskins will inform him of further updates.
- I'd have Quetzalcoatlus appear alongside the Pteranodon and Dimorphodon in the pterosaur sequence. I'd also add a couple more marine reptiles to go alongside the Mosasaurus; at least one species of plesiosaur and one species of ichthyosaur.
- The raptors would turn on Owen, but in a bit more of a nuanced way, rather than siding with the the I-rex; I think the Indominus worked better as a solo threat. Instead, the raptors attack the Indominus and... it doesn't go well for them. During the fight, Charlie is killed and, after she dies, the other three raptors flee into the jungle, abandoning Owen, who they see as having betrayed them. The I-rex then kills its way through the InGen mercenaries and chases the van (call back!) with Claire and the boys in it, before they manage to escape it.
- Hoskins' death happens the same way, although his dialogue is changed; he sneers at Owen and Claire that he wasn't working alone and that they can't stop what his benefactors have planned. His last words to them are "the next phase has already begun", foreshadowing the Indoraptor.
- The ending is pretty much the same as that of the actual film; Delta and Echo are killed by the I-rex, Claire releases Rexy and Rexy and Blue team up. However, there would be a post-credits scene, where Wu is on the phone to someone; as stated above, this person is Eli Mills. Wu comments that the I-rex was, ultimately, a failure and that there are things he needs to fix for "Phase Two"; all he needs is a sample of the I-rex's DNA. The last lines of the film are spoken by Wu, "Oh, don't worry about time; I have all the time in the world."

For Fallen Kingdom:
- I’d replace Franklin with Lowery. Considering he was an employee from Jurassic World, knows Claire, and is compassionate towards the dinosaurs, it would make much more sense for him to come back and join the DPG, and he can do anything that Franklin can; also, Franklin was kind of annoying. He could be a more sarcastic comic relief, and it would be really fun to see him join in on the action and interact with the dinosaurs, considering he spent all of Jurassic World inside the Control Room.
- Another big change would be to Lockwood's character. Instead of being "Hammond 2.0.", he'd be a bit different; he wouldn't be a villain per se, but he'd have done a lot of morally ambiguous stuff in the story; some of which Wu would reveal in a monologue. However, he wouldn't be entirely heartless; the reason why he plans to transport the dinosaurs to the island preserve is because he feels that he has a responsibility to his creations.
- The next big change would be to add hints at non-Mesozoic extinct creatures, to set up future spin-offs/sequels.

  • Dodos would appear, infrequently, throughout the film, serving as the film’s “comic relief”; basically, adding some levity at dark, suspenseful or depressing moments.  More specifically, the dodos would be among the animals on Nublar and would be a subversion of the common portrayal of dodos as stupid and passive… these dodos are, instead, stupid and violent.
  • Dimetrodon appears amongst the Nublar animals being auctioned at Lockwood Manor and escapes with everything else.
  • A Brontoscorpio provides a “cat scare” for the submarine pilots in the opening, swimming out of the Indominus’ eye socket, before the Mosasaurus shows up. A Cephalaspis would appear in a tank in the sub-basement lab and Dunkleosteus would be among the DNA vials in Wu’s briefcase.
  • When Maisie is exploring the laboratory, she listens to one of Wu’s audio journals, in which he states that he has successfully grown a Paraceratherium embryo to term in an artificial uterus. A pygmy Columbian mammoth would also appear in the lab and would escape with everything else.
  • Smilodon DNA would also appear as one of the DNA vials in Wu’s briefcase.

- Instead of eleven species, a seemingly random number (which the film contradicts), Mills says that he and his team can save at least fifteen species; the number of species present on Nublar in Michael Crichton’s novel. This would remove any inconsistency with the numbering, as Mills states that fifteen is the lowest possible estimate.
- Make the volcano more accurately dangerous, and by extent, remove the more over-the-top scenes like Owen surviving a pyroclastic flow, and Baryonyx shrugging off lava to the head.
- I’d show a little bit more of Jurassic World's ruins. We never got to see much of the park itself in the first place, and Fallen Kingdom kind of skims over the ruins of the park, when I think there would be a lot of pathos in the reveal of the destroyed park.
- The scene with Maisie in the lab is a little longer and is basically a self-indulgent world-building sequence; Maisie plays through several of Wu’s audio journals, before finding the “Owen with baby raptors” video. She also encounters the pygmy Columbian mammoth and the Cephalaspis.
- Tone down Owen's action-hero stunts, including his overlong fight in the auction with the henchmen. Actually, tone down Owen in general.
- When the Indoraptor is being auctioned, Wu storms off in disgust and later meets up with Owen, Claire and Maisie in one of the labs (not the same one Zia, Lowery and Blue are in), where he gives a monologue about Hammond and Lockwood’s partnership. After Hammond died, Lockwood contacted Wu and offered funding for Wu’s continued efforts; Lockwood had him create, amongst other things, the Indominus rex. After the end of the monologue, Wu turns to Maisie and says “But he always considered you his greatest success”; it is he who reveals the truth behind Maisie’s origins. After revealing this, Wu also tips Owen and Claire off to the existence of the Indoraptor, before leaving in order to “pursue some personal projects”.
- The auction would be messed up by having all of the dinosaurs being released and causing havoc and destruction in the auction, similar to the monsters in Cabin in the Woods. Naturally then, there would be no "hydrogen cyanide threatening the dinosaurs" on this version.
- Considering Wheatley spent the whole movie mistreating Nublar's dinosaurs, I, personally, think a more karmic death for him would be to be killed by one of the herbivores. During the stampede, he hides from the approaching dinosaurs behind a pillar, before an attack from a dodo drives him back into the open, where he bumps into the Stegosaurus he pulled a tooth from, which impales him on its tail spikes. In this version, the Indoraptor would instead be freed by Mills as a last resort after the auction goes to hell, and he would sic it on Owen, Claire and Maisie using the laser gun.
- Since in this version there would be no cyanide hydrogen scene, and Mills just sets the Indoraptor on the group in the auction, I would rewrite all of the final scene after Blue kills the Indoraptor: after the Indoraptor's death, instead of running off, Blue stays, and Owen, Claire and Maisie go down to the main hall, finding Zia and Lowery waiting there already. Owen approaches Blue and the scene plays out much like their final scene in the movie (but in the main hall instead of the outside of the mansion). Blue runs off through the mansion's doors, and the group follows her out of the mansion. Owen watches from the steps as she gives one last call before disappearing into the woods. The group stays watching for a few seconds, when suddenly they are surprised by Mills (who is holding the Indominus bone), accompanied by two of his armed men. Mills demands for Maisie to come with him on his car, and the main characters refuse to let him have her. This is the time he would have a rant about how you can’t stop what’s going on. In the middle of the monologue, Lowery notices some puddles in the ground (made by the rain) rippling; however, when he tries to warn Mills, he is told to shut up. Mills’ final words would be "you are gonna go back in time before Hammond decided to play God? You can't put it back in the box!"; suddenly Rexy blindsides his men (instead of the Indoraptor, like in the original movie) and kills them. The main characters look for cover, with Maisie getting separated from the others and hiding below Mills's car. Mills follows her and tries to push her out from under the car (like in the Lost World novel), when suddenly Rexy pulls Mills from under the car and kills him, plays tug of war with the Carnotaurus before scaring him off, gives her roar, and smashes the Indominus bone before going to the woods. Maisie watches her stomping off in amazement, holding closely her toy T. rex from the Jurassic Park diorama. Then, there would be a transition to the ending montage, like in the actual movie.
- In the ending montage, we see Wu opening his briefcase; there are DNA vials from many different species (including some yet to appear in the franchise, such as Smilodon and Dunkleosteus)… and a tissue sample from Blue.

What would you do?
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PostSubject: Re: How would you do Jurassic World and JW: Fallen Kingdom differently?   Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:04 am

In Jurassic World:

Change the Indominus outbreak: I believe, there is a much more clever way for the Indominus to escape. I tought this "It set a trap, to lure us in" routine was a little bit too much. Also, Claire should have know, that she's basically much more safer in the little viewing platform, than outside in the jungle, where she could had confronted the I.rex.
The ACU approach: It's one of the worst scenes in my honest opinion. Instead carrying tranq guns, they go with cattle prods, elecronic tazers and net guns on the hunt the I.rex. Come on, they could sedate the Pachy with carfentanyl, but not a highly dangerous theropod? After Hamada got killed, they desperatley tried to fight off the I.rex, instead fleeing in terror. I would change that. I would show them with more logical weapons and how the the ACU's getting ripped apart, after you see them fleeing and trying to escape but in the end failed.
The explanation of the Indominus behaviour: I would cut almost every line Owen made about how the animal is that much hyper intelligent (as stated above with the "trap") Instead of "it set those clawmarks for distracion", the Indominus just tried to climb the fence to escape (I mean ACU told them to build the walls higher, so they've might saw it)
it didn't remove the tracking implant, because she remembered it, the thing zapped her all the time and she clawed it out.
Give Hamada a bigger role: I guess I'm the only one that thinks so, but I love his little mamushi snake story. It would be so much foreshadowing.
But I would do many scenes like you Nathanoraptor. The Quetzacoatlus on mainstreet would be so awesome and terrifying: Shot at the mainstreet: we see a giant shadow from above. Then we see the giant pterosaur in the air gliding, landing on the street and picking some park guests and gulping them.

About JWFK: I would do it kinda the same way just like you, only difference, that I would change the "Indoraptor as a weapon for war" to "an attack dog for a drug dealer" (just like Raphael in the Raptors comics). I always found that war concept outlandish. There are so many factors that wouldn't work with an animal being tossed in a war e.g. getting shot by enemies, recognizing solidiers with civilians and knowing your allies. Not to mention to feed it and give a propper shelter.
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PostSubject: Re: How would you do Jurassic World and JW: Fallen Kingdom differently?   Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:08 pm

Some of the ideas my friends and I came up with usually revolved around Sorna. Most notably, either a poaching plot line, a mainland plot line, or a research plot line. The last one was the one I had fleshed out the most in my head. It basically would have used every unused scene from the second novel, and many from the first novel: extra exploration of the Labs compound, more research of the dinosaurs, discovery of the DX virus, Raptor motorbike chase, dilo mating dance, Rex river chase, the Carnotaurus in the Village, stuff like that. It would have been a film less blatant with the antagonist (no Hoskin types monologuing about their evil plans), and would have returned to nature being the primary driving force of conflict. It would have spread some seeds of InGen (a now defunct company) being a bit darker in nature; an idea among the fandom that first sprung up about the company in the wake of JP///. Isla Sorna would have been given preserve status as John Hammond's dying wish, forcing the main cast to sneak onto the island via boat. The cast itself would have been the unused novel characters:

-Medical doctor Roberta Carter, who was there on behalf of the Costa Rican government, hoping to find the source of a new disease cropping up in the coastal villages. Later in the movie, it would be implied this disease was the prion based DX, which was transferred to humans when escaped Compies bit them.
-Biologist Marty Guitierrez, who works for the Costa Rican government and who recruited Roberta Carter
-Howard King, a coward and a double agent working for a mysterious third party - aka BioSyn. This would lead into the possible sequel, which would involve BioSyn poaching Isla Sorna, trying to clone healthy dinosaurs for various uses like a safari preserve and animal testing.
-Ed Regis, an ex-administrator at InGen. Since the company is now defunct, he is free of all NDA agreements. He is there because he has access codes that would be helpful.
-Arby Benton, Roberta Carter's young lab assistance and nephew. He gets to experience "the cage", like his novel counterpart. Twisted Evil
-Jack Thorne, owner and manager of Thorne Field Equipment. He's basically a carbon copy of his novel counterpart.
-George Baselton also a copy of his novel counterpart, sans the InGen connection. He's a Stanford professor/professional paleontologist is also working for BioSyn and is there to make sure Howard King doesn't get cold feet. He's working for BioSyn to pay off gambling debts that he's embarrassed about.
-Richard Levine is Baselton's promising young assistant. Basically somewhat of a Billy Brennan but with a "rich-kid attitude problem" (Hey, he goes to Stanford!) He doesn't know that Baselton is working for BioSyn and feels conflicted about him when the truth comes out.

Because of the overarching motivator in this movie being DX, it would have been:

It would have had a full arching plot that ended well enough to not require a sequel, but leaves a few strings uncut in the event that one could occur. From there, it would have been the poaching plot line, which I never gave much thought towards. That one was more fleshed out by my friend, ZombieSaurian. However, because the poaching was leading to extinctions on Isla Sorna, I would have called this one:

The final movie could have been a mainland plot, but I'm unsure what I would do with it, to be completely honest. Sickle-Claw has a really good fanfic involving the mainland plot, but set in the novel canon. I would imagine it would be a lot like that, with focus on invasive species and the impacts they can have on the environment (dinosaurs, here, being the invasive species). For that reason, I'd probably call it Jurassic Park: Invasion, or something like that.

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PostSubject: Re: How would you do Jurassic World and JW: Fallen Kingdom differently?   

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How would you do Jurassic World and JW: Fallen Kingdom differently?
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