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 Jurassic Escape Room, Arizona

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Jurassic Escape Room, Arizona Empty
PostSubject: Jurassic Escape Room, Arizona   Jurassic Escape Room, Arizona Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2019 5:14 pm

So, apparently "Escape the Room AZ" has opened a very JW-inspired attraction, which you can read about and see here:


It seems to be modeled on Wu's labs from JW/FK - here's the plot summary:

Quote :
Your mission is to stop an evil corporation from making hybrid dinosaur DNA for malicious military purposes. You were caught during your first attempt to destory the DNA and the bad guys tossed you into a cage. That's where the game begins! SPOILER ALERT: there are a couple shocking moments for thrill seekers. You WILL encounter a REAL DINOSAUR...or at least as real as it gets!

Sounds fun, if not centrally located.
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Jurassic Escape Room, Arizona
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