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 Jurassic Park Builder Preservation & Commemoration

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park Builder Preservation & Commemoration   Jurassic Park Builder Preservation & Commemoration Icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2020 8:16 pm

On Monday 30th March, Jurassic Park Builder will shuts its servers for good marking the final end for the once popular app that has been played and enjoyed by so many for 8 years. For many people, this was their first taste at what a Jurassic Park tycoon game was like and even though it has now been overtaken by both Jurassic World: The Game and Jurassic World Evolution, it was a satisfactory game for its genre.

During its run it had multiple updates that gave the game new dinosaurs, such as Dreadnoughtus and Nasutoceratops, an aquatic park, a glacier park, a battle arena and tying in to Jurassic World by adding the Indominus rex. The game as well, brought in many creatures that were once obscure and unknown, and due to them being in the game made them more well known amongst the general public.

One aspect of JP Builder that doesn’t get talked about as much was the game's story, where Jurassic Park successfully opens to the world by John Hammond and a revitalised InGen. Dr. Henry Wu, Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm and even Kelly Malcolm all return to advise and help improve the parks. The story gave insight to Isla Nublar and the other park's geography, the park’s features and even shady operations.

But now, it’s the finish and the game is set to disappear forever and all that will be left of it will be memories and a reference on the fan made Wikipedia pages. Which is a great shame because the both the parks that have been made and the fascinating story of a fully operational Jurassic Park with returning characters that preceded both Jurassic World and Jurassic World Evolution: Return to Jurassic Park will disappear along with it.

With this thread, let this be Jurassic Park Builder's legacy by showcasing our parks and if possible, have a photographic record of the game’s story. I'm not sure how possible it will be to do the latter, but it has to be at least worth a try.
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Jurassic Park Builder Preservation & Commemoration
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