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 Operation Genesis Fanfiction

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PostSubject: Operation Genesis Fanfiction   Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:10 pm

Bascially a reboot of my Paleo Park fanfics I posted here, but a bit more organized and will probably be more updated and such. Currently it goes on a sort of JPOG-esque storyline. To sum it all up, InGen has just started up, bought islands and has started up a new Jurassic Park. This will be set ina new universe where none of the movies ever happened. Essentially, it's a fresh start in everything; new characters, new technology and new stuff. It's kinda like my old Life in Jurassic Park fanfic over on JPLegacy, but more well-thought and planned. Currently, no chapters have been written, but their will be updates, eventually. Razz
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Operation Genesis Fanfiction
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