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 System Rebooted.

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Site Founder/Owner

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PostSubject: System Rebooted.   Tue 7 Jun 2016 - 6:38

Hello everyone, Pokesaurus here, and today is an important day! As you all are aware by this point, JPL is closing down within a few days. As such, many fans don't know where to go to continue having fun times with the community they know and love. Well, this is what this site here is for! The name JPFiction is old and is due to change, as is much of the site, but the ground work is already here! The forum is being constantly changed and updated to be more and more like it needs to be. Feel free to sign up and spread the word that the JPL community is not dead! I, a former JPL admin, as well as many other devoted staff and community members are working to build this place up to be as close to the JPL experience we can while also offering some more updated things to keep the site feel fresh. We have multiple projects in the works like our Life or Death: Isla Sorna RP, which many of you may find similar to what JPL used to have called LtL. Remember to provide any feedback that you can to me or other staff members while we get the site in order. Any suggestions are welcome! In the meantime, enjoy watching us try and rebuild the magic that brought us to the JPL community.

Welcome to Jurassic Mainframe. Read the rules, check out the chatroom, and contribute!

"Creation, is an act of sheer will. Next time it'll be flawless"~ John Hammond, Founder/CEO of InGen
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PostSubject: Re: System Rebooted.   Tue 7 Jun 2016 - 6:45

I'm here to help however I can Pokes.

Make the Sayles JP IV script into an animated series! Admit it, you'd watch it.
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PostSubject: Re: System Rebooted.   Tue 7 Jun 2016 - 16:18

I applaud the efforts you guys are putting in and offer my limited services in helping me out.
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PostSubject: Re: System Rebooted.   

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System Rebooted.
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