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 Most important discoveries?

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Jurassic Mainframe News Team
Jurassic Mainframe News Team

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Most important discoveries? Empty
PostSubject: Most important discoveries?   Most important discoveries? Icon_minitimeTue Jun 07, 2016 10:42 pm

Archeopteryx, Feather Quill Knobs in Velociraptor, Sue the T. rex (gave us SO MUCH information on Tyrannosaurus), Yutyrannus, Confuciusornis, all the recent advancements in dinosaur colors, Deinonychus, and Dakota, the Dino Mummy. Most, if not all, of these discoveries have had the hugest effects to modern paleontology.

Got anything more in mind?

Most important discoveries? IxTwoGb
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Most important discoveries? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Most important discoveries?   Most important discoveries? Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2016 12:47 pm

Yeah, probably the first dinosaur named, Megalosaurus.

I mean I'd say that is pretty important.

Sinornithosaurus, the first confirmed non-avian dinosaur to be found with confirmed feathers.

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Most important discoveries?
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