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 Jurassic Park Remake

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park Remake   Jurassic Park Remake Icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2016 9:08 pm

A remake? God fobid! I hope I don't see one of those until I'm 60! But, just for the heck of it, let's play along. Who would you cast? What would it be like? More accurate dinosaurs? Or ones closer to the novel? Here's what I would do.

I would make a novel-accurate miniseries (with novel accurate Dinosaurs), starring:

In JP:
Hammond =  David McCallum
Muldoon = Ron Perlman
Nedry = Bobby Moynihan
Dodgson = William Dafoe
Grant = Liam Neeson
Ellie = Bonnie Wright
Lex = Morgan Lilly
Tim = Thomas Horn
John Arnold = Samuel L. Jackson (I seriously hope you know what he'd look like) Razz
Genarro = Christian Bale
Malcolm = Nick Cage
Wu = Chin Han
Gerry Harding = Viggo Mortensen
Guitierrez = John-Rhys-Davies
Regis = Kevin McKidd
Bobby Carter = Monica Bellucci

Ian Malcolm: Nick Cage I can see Nick cage breaking out his crazy side while he's on morphine or being ranty. But Cage also has a serious side that a lot of times people don't always associate him with due to his crazy sides often being so outlandish that it stays in the mind. But I can imagine a National Treasure style Nick Cage and with that, we'd get a good performance IMO. Also the plus side is Cage is naturally bald. :mrgreen:

Richard Levine: Mark Wahlberg Mark is young enough (or at least looks it) where he can play Levine. He's also got a confident look to him that I imagine Levine carrying.

Sarah Harding: Winona Ryder She's good for action roles, and honestly I like her acting.

Jack Thorne: Bill Paxton or Harrison Ford Both fit perfectly in the age and they can pass as both an adventurer and an academic.

Eddie Carr: Josh Duamel I think he honestly looks like a bit of an adventurous and ingenious techy who doesn't look like he mind getting dirty, but also likes the city.

Lewis Dodgson: William Dafoe Classic Villain, what can I say?

Howard King: Nestor Carbonell Can't think of anyone else.

George Baselton: Jeff Bridges Heavily built, slightly older, and looks good in a suit. Pretty much the description of Baselton.

Kelly:  Lola Tash This one was difficult. There's really no good child actresses out there that don't look too young or look as if they could be an aspiring paleontologist with a woman like Sarah Harding as their role model instead of Hanna Montana. I eventually went with Lola Tash because she was the only one that seemed as if shoe could fit the bill.

Arby:  Tyler Williams I can't really think of anyone else who's in the age limit ATM.

Marty Gutierrez: John Rhys-Davis I always imagined Marty as an older, heavyset man who appeared as it he was always on vacation ala Hawaiian shirt, surf shorts, sandles, and sunglasses. Dunno why, but I can see John Rhys-Davis pulling that off with ease.

Jurassic Park Remake IxTwoGb
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park Remake   Jurassic Park Remake Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 9:49 am

I would have rather a Jurassic Park remake than Jurassic World. I used to be completely against a Jurassic Park remake but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a darker version of the story. The novel was a fantastic read, the dark undertones coupled with the science and the wonder was just amazing and I feel that is something that would be portrayed excellently on film as well.

My idea Jurassic Park remake would be a blend of the original film and the novel, a story which still highlights the wonder that the dinosaurs deserve and command, with the right amount of science mixed with the elements of terror and horror that we see from the book. Let's face facts, we all want to see ''Bite of the Raptor'' portrayed on film, Nedry's original death as well as Wu's death.

I would give Dodgson a much bigger role, I would introduce Regis although I would perhaps deepen his character a bit more and Dr. Carter (Bite of the Raptor scene, baby!)

My cast:

Alan Grant:Josh Brolin
Ellie Satler: Jessica Capshaw
Ian Malcolm: Patrick Dempsey
Donald Gennaro: Ben McKenzie (I feel Mckenzie would reflect the novel version of Gennaro well)
John Hammond: Michael Gambon (I envision Gambon  as a more business orientated/novel-esq Hammond)
Lex Murphy: Kiernan Shipka
Tim Murphy: David Mazouz
Robert Muldoon: Jerome Flynn
Ray Arnold: Idris Elba
Dennis Nedry: Robin Lord Taylor (A skinny Nedry is an odd choice but Taylor's weasle-like manner in Gotham is brilliant and it reminds me of a skinny computer nerd who is up to no good)
Henry Wu: Brian Tee (Tee would bring the arrogant/cocky side to Wu out well, ''look what I've done'' is the sort of approach I would like to see. I'd like to see Tee and Gambon in a scene in which Wu pitches an idea to Hammond about improving the dinosaurs)
Lewis Dodgson: Woody Harrelson
Ed Regis: Kevin McKid
Roberta Carter: Kristen Connolly

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Jurassic Park Remake
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