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 Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line

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PostSubject: Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line   Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 12:39 am

The best JP collectible line ever coming soon deserves a thread here!

Here's their current line up for order with more news to follow!

https://www.chroniclecollectibles.com/product/jurassic-park-the-lost-world-15th-scale-t-rex-bust/ - Male T-Rex 1/5th Bust
Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line 10661910

https://www.chroniclecollectibles.com/product/the-lost-world-jurassic-park-stegosaurus/ - Lost World Stegosaurus Maquette
Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line 12970810

https://www.chroniclecollectibles.com/product/jurassic-park-breakout-t-rex/ - Break Out Rex Diorama
Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line 13301310

I'm really looking forward to this line and especially the Break Out Rex which I looking to pre-order soon.

Feel free to discuss and post anymore news regarding the line!
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Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line
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