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 Jurassic Park Portal JW2 fanfic

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park Portal JW2 fanfic   Jurassic Park Portal JW2 fanfic Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 2:34 pm

So, guys, this is basically the same thing we were doing on JPL. We're going to make our JW2 version here. Everyone can join in, just write down a chapter/post following the events of the post above you. Very Happy Please, no crazy plot/stuff like flying dinosaurs, Stegoclaireatops (sorry LK) or anything like this.

I hope you guys understood. Neutral

Quoting Richard Levine from JPL:
Richard Levine wrote:
Since the last one was such a success (not to mention a lot of fun), it's about time we did it again! Rules (if there were any) are the same as last time; no profanity, no extremeness (keep it realistic, no flying dinosaurs), and have fun!

*Universal logo swirls around, rippling with each ominous footstep*


*Amblin Entertainment logo appears, also rippling*


*title card appears*


(Ready, set, action!)

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Jurassic Park Portal JW2 fanfic LYHX0zA
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Posts : 1364
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park Portal JW2 fanfic   Jurassic Park Portal JW2 fanfic Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 9:28 pm

Okay, double post, but I'll post ALL the JW2 fanfic from the start to where we stopped.


*Chopper sounds*
*Screen shows a helicopter landing on a large building helipad*
*Foccus on a man with his back towards the screen wearing a black suit wainting on the helipad as the chopper lands*
*We can't see his face, but he says:*
"I've been expecting you...For a long time"


*Kids playing football appears*
*The camera moves on and we see they're playing on a dirty street in some sort of small village*
* "COSTA RICA, CENTRAL AMERICA, *insert some village's name here* VILLAGE, 2018" appears bellow in the screen*
*Camera shows local ppl doing their daily things, moving carts, selling some fruits...*
*Crashing sounds inside a house*
*A loud, woman scream echoes from the house*

At the village named 'Playa del Tormenta'.

Clouds form overhead and it begins to rain. The kids run to the house out of curiosity/ anxiety over the screaming from the house. Suddenly there is an eerie silence. The children knock on the door, only opening it after a few seconds. They open the door and the kids scatter in fear from what they see. There is the sound of birds chirping from inside the house...


Owen Grady slams the door and goes into the kitchen looking for something to eat. As he heats up a microwavable meal, he turns the tv on. The television says "Masrani Corp was forced to put Ingen up for sale due to the continuing fallout from the Jurassic World incident... as of right now it appears that a rival company, one of InGen's former competitors has bought up most of the shares in the company."


The television journalist continues on: "InGen corporation was one of the lead companies in the bioengineering field for decades until the 1993 incident on Isla Nublar and later the 1997 San Diego incident took on, making the company declare bankruptcy and be bought by Masrani Corporation. InGen was involved in one of the most controversials accidents, the recent accident on one of the most famous thematic parks on the world, Jurassic World, killing hundreds, including Masrani Corporation CEO Simon Masrani, and one of the most renowned geneticists of all time, Dr. Henry Wu. Investigations point out that InGen was involved in illegal millitary -"

Owen turns off the TV with a loud sigh. Before he can say anything, the door slams heavilly. He jumps and looks on. It's Claire. She's crying.

"Claire, what's-" He didn't even finished the line and Claire started to rant:

"Again! I can't even get out of the house! Ppl still look and point at me in the street like "Ohh look is that woman who administrated the park! She's responsible!", and I didn't get the new job on the agency. They can't forget it Owen! 3 years, and this nightmare is still alive! I dealt with all the damages and life loss and even faced court! I payed for my mistakes already Owen! I know ppl died there, but I never wanted this to happen!"

Owen frowns, he doesn't know what to say. But they've been through this before, the door slam, the crying....Claire's breakdown. It's always the same. He stares at the tv numbly before answering. He doesn't know what the right thing to say is, and chances are good he might say the wrong thing by accident. Instead he picks the mail up. "Claire....I know its been a rough few years and I...I just don't know."

He puts the letter on the table. "This came for you," he said as he slides the letter over. "Did you send in a job application to a company Biosyn Incorporated?" As he said this he took the microwave meal out and began eating.

"What?" Claire frowns. She didn't send anything to this...Biosyn corp. "No, I didn't send anything to them." She replies as she takes the letter closely.

"That's strange" She says as she reads it.

"Ms. Claire Dearing,

We're pleasured to receive your application. Thank you for your contact. After sending it to our CEO, Mr. Dodgson, we're proud to announce that you've been selected to work for us, as the secretary manager in the Biosyn Corporation Headquarters.
Please come meet our CEO on the XX Bioengineering Expo, this saturday, 6:00 pm on the Biosyn Press Conference.


Biosyn Corp. admnistrator Richard Peterson"

"Bioengineering Expo? What the hell is that?" Owen asks, confused.

"I remember this, it's an yearly event where the biggest companies in that field show their new tecnologies and advances. Owen, this is strange and I have a bad feeling about this."

Owen stops eating his meal. "I know. This Biosyn company is the same that bought what's left of InGen."

Claire get's up, suprised. "THEY WHAT? I knew that there was something strange in this. We must investigate this thing. They wouldn't send this letter without reason!"

"Claire, are you out of your mind? Let's not draw attention to ourselfes. Throw this sh*t on the trash can. Forget it." Owen says as he get's up too, a little bit angry.

"Owen, I'm not getting you. Forget? Draw attention? More than I'm already doing? They sent me a letter about a job application I never sent to them, they know EVERYTHING about me, and you say to forget it? Don't you see it Owen? There's some shady stuff happening, and it involves us! I'm going to this event see what's their problem!" Claire says, her voice serious and angry.

There's a silence after Claire finishes. Owen considers what she said. She was right. He needs to reason this time and not freak out. That would make things worse.

"You're right. I'm sorry, I just don't want anything to happen with us, Claire. I want to forget what happened 3 years ago. We don't deserve that again. We need to build our lifes again, not destroy. I can't stand anything happening to you. You're not doing alone. If we do this, we're going together. But we won't appear there and break the sh*t down, we need to see what we're up against, and that require time and a lot of research. You get me? We need some help."

Scene cuts to apartment in a high rise building. The apartment is filled with posters of Jurassic Park as well as news clippings from the first JP incident. A nerdy looking man looks up from his computer as he hears a door knocking. Lowery opens the door out of curiousity-he had not been expecting visitors. Opening it, he finds Owen holding a letter.

"Claire doesn't know Im here but we need your help." Owen hands him a copy of the letter Claire was sent by Biosyn.

"Isn't that-" Lowery begins his face frowning a bit.

"Yes, the company that just bought InGen off of Masrani. I need to know more about them, about this Bioengineering expo. You were IT staff at Jurassic World you must have heard of this..."

Lowery nods. "I would say I started to be a big fan of Bioengineering after I first heard about the first Jurassic Park, became a little side hobby of mine...that park was legit man..."

Owen gives him a look and lowery trails off.

"Oh yes, I forgot what I was going to say. He pulled a closer look at the back of the letter. "It says here that the badge for the expo is only for Claire, but I can get you in with my badge, it allows a guest to be registered as well."

He also thought for a second as he gives Owen back the letter. "These people are planning a big announcement at the expo, I can tell you that-I get the newsletter from the email. But get this. The announcement was announced before the buyout was made official."

Owen frowned. "So something shady is going on."

"Like hell," Lowery agreed.

Meanwhile, Claire sat on the sofa, with nothing to do except think about what just happened. She got a very suspicious letter. Maybe it was nothing, just a mistake made by some trainee. But it was too much coincidence that the same company that bought InGen, sent her a letter, knowing she worked for Masrani. There was something picking in her mind, and she couldn't stop thinking about the subject. She needed to discover what was happening.

The phone rang up and sent Claire back to reality. She got up and picked it on. It was Barry, Owen's closest friend.

"Hello? Barry?"

On the other side of the line, Barry spoke:

"Hey, Claire? I need to talk to you. It's something serious."

"Yes, it's me. Barry, you're getting me worried, what happened?" Claire was already panicking.

"Relax Claire, calm down. Please listen carefully. Nothing happened to me. I'm on France now, was taking a vacation, but I was called from my work to investigate something on some village in Costa Rica. People are claiming there's some sort of strange plague attacking the village and they can't know what animal is doing the damages. I tried to contact Owen on his phone but he didn't answer the call, so please, can you give him the phone so we can talk better?" Barry sounded a bit rushed, and to call from France, it was something very, very serious.

"Owen isn't here now. I'll contact him as soon as possible. He will be back in some hours." Claire replied, taking note in her mind of what Barry said.

"Please do, as soon as possible. I need Owen to help me with this. Tell him to look at the e-mail I also sent him. Take care, Claire." With that, Barry hung up the phone.

Claire was static for a moment, not sure what to think.

"Owen, where the hell are you?"

Meanwhile Owen was still at Lowery's apartment when he got a call from Claire.

"Claire? You okay?"

"Yeah, Barry's been trying to call you, but when he couldn't he told me to tell you about an email he sent you?"

Owen frowned. He had not been in contact with Barry for a few weeks, but if it was important he knew Barry was not the sort to call frivolously.

"I'll meet you at the expo, love you," he said after thinking and looked back up to Lowery who was still working on showing him the email.

Okay, now can we go to my email really quick? I got to see what Barry sent me, he said.

Lowery sighed and typed something in. A few seconds later, Owen's email was open, seeing the email from Barry. A video attachment. 5 seconds long.

The header. "This was seen in Costa Rica last week"

The video was blurry, it looked like it was shot in the rain. And the mud. And whatever had gotten stuck in the camera in the meanwhile.

But the image in the center was unmistakable.

It was clearly Blue.

"Hey man...if you want, I can drive you to the airport where you can go meet with the missus..." lowery trailed off when he saw the image on the screen. "Oh...right."

Owen was still looking at the computer screen, the video replaying in a loop.

"It's Blue...it can't be. Lowery, I need you to do me a favor. While I'm away investigating this on Costa Rica, could you please accompany Claire on this expo? Please don't leave her alone in any second, you understand me?"

"Got it, you can trust me on this. It will be like the old days, but this time Claire won't be a robot telling me what to-"

Owen gave Lowery a hard look.

"Just kidding, you know" Said Lowery, adjusting his glasses.

"Fine. Do as I say, but please, don't say anything about Blue or dinosaurs. Just say I went to help Barry with the investigation and if everything goes right, I'll be back on the expo day and meet you both. I don't want her worried, and I need to know how the hell Blue got on the mainland. Someone must have take her from Nublar, and I don't like this."

"Okay" said Lowery. "But what we do there, just...investigate?"

Owen turned to the window and looked outside:
"Yes, and please, don't raise any red flag, don't let Claire draw any suspicion, pretend you both went because of the letter Claire received. Now, let's buy the flight ticket."

Meanwhile, in the jungles of Costa Rica, the hot, jagged breaths of an animal could be heard. It was panting, and the leaves rustled as it moved swiftly through the jungle. It craned it's head up, exposing a reptilian like head, a faded blue stripe running down it's neck. It could smell water. Barking, it dashed deep into the jungle, in search of the water, disappearing in a flash.

On the airport, Owen quickly moved with his handbag, Lowery following behind, trying to keep the pace. Owen didn't have time to go back to his house to change clothes and gather stuff. He was glad he always left a bag with some clothes in his car for any casuallity in his work. He had his phone so he could contact Claire and Lowery in any case. He also didn't kiss Claire or said goodbye to her in person. This made him horrible.

"So, this is your flight number, it's almost time so you should go on. Good luck Owen, contact us when you arrive or if you need anything." Lowery said as he shake hands with Owen.

"Lowery, one more thing: Please, say Claire I'm sorry I didn't go there to tell her about this emergency, I need to hurry on this."

"She'll understand, I'm sure of it man."

After Owen went into the passagers area, Lowery took Owen's car and drove to his home. He rang the bell 3 times before Claire went to the door:

"I'm coming! Just wait a sec!" said Claire as she unlocked the door. "Lowery? What you're-"

"Claire, listen, we've got no time. Owen is now flying to Costa Rica to help Barry on identify some animal that's causing panic in some village." Lowery entered the house in a rush before Claire even invited him to enter.

"He flight to Costa Rica without telling me? Lowery, why you let him go? What's happening that's so important for him to filght there?" Claire demanded answers.

"I- I don't know for sure what's happening there, neither is Owen. But Barry said he needed his presence there, so he went. He also said he was sorry he didn't tell anything to you in person." Lowery didn't like to lie and was feeling nervous to do so.

"Lowery, I can see in your eyes. You're hidding something. Tell me!"

Lowery took a few steps back;
"I don't know anything Claire, Owen sent me to stay with you while he's away, he said he'll be back and meet us in the expo meeting."

"He told you about the meeting?" Lowery nodded. "Everything?" Another nod.

"Yes, I know everything, and I'm here to help you investigate this stuff. I'm sure there's something very shady behind this."

"Fine Lowery, if you're here to help, you need to tell me what's happening in Costa Rica and why Owen went there. Don't lie to me, you know, please tell me Lowery, tell me. I'm worried about Owen." Claire was pleading, at this point.

"Claire, I don't think that's a good idea. I promised Owen I would-"

"DAMNIT LOWERY! Tell me now!" Claire screamed in full rage as she grabbed Lowery by the shoulders and shook him.

"Okay okay I tell you! Damn, Owen's going to eat me alive. You better take a sit."

"Its Owen, there's been...disturbances in Costa Rica. Yes, apparently some dinosaur sightings, although nobody is certain yet."

Claire sat up..."Dinosaurs...impossible, InGen made assurances that nothing would ever be able to get off the Island."

"Indeed, the timing is suspicious I won't doubt, given the Biosyn invitation too," Lowery said as he shrugged.

There was a silence. "I can't just leave..." Claire said as she looked up. "They called me saying they were expecting me..."


At the BioEngineering Expo, Lowery and Claire wandered around until they were exactly where the CEO had said the representative would meet them. As they waited, they finally saw who it was. It was a woman about Claire's age, she had Blond hair tied up in a bun, and was wearing a business-casual suit.

Claire smiled politely but Lowery seemed at a loss for words. He seemed to be staring even, but trying to hide it.

The woman smiled slightly at the attention but looked right at Claire. "Ms. Dearing is it?"

Claire nodded.

"I'll be your representative sent to talk with you during this expo. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Bridgette Meeks,I work here in Biosyn as a project assistant, I happen to oversee some of the work we are doing here, but mostly in Administration. Now, I think we can get to a meeting space within the expo to talk..."

"Sure." Claire said. "It's nice to meet you". She said, trying to pretend it was just a normal meeting. Claire was a manager in JW, she knew exactly how to act and please whoever the CEO was. She would do fine and no one will suspect.

"It's also a pleasure to meet you, Ms.Dearing. And...you?" Bridgette asked, never taking her smile of her face.

"Oh, Lowery, Lowery Cruthers." Lowery stepped foward to shake hands with Bridgette and almost stumbled. Bridgette held her breathe to not laugh, making Lowery feel ashamed of the situation.

"Mr. Cruthers, you're allowed to acompany Ms.Dearing. Please, follow me."

As they followed Bridgette, Lowery whispered in Claire's ears so only she could hear:
"She kinda reminds me of you in your old days". Claire gave him a hard look.

Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, Owen and Barry were investigating the village. They were in another house that was invaded and attacked. In front of the house, a woman was crying in dispair as she knew his son, a 5 year old boy, was killed in the attack. They went inside the house look at the scene.

"Glad they took the corpse away from here already. I couldn't stand see it. " Said Owen, very disturbed by what happened.

"That poor mom, I feel so bad by what happened" Barry said, while walking around the room.

"Did she see the attack?" Owen asked.

"No, but when she arrived, she saw the animal..." Barry paused, breathing harder and lounder. "She saw the animal eating his son's body...The animal got startled by her arrive and escaped by the other door. She said the same thing as other people, that it was "el raptor" that did it. Her description matches with the video I sent you on the e-mail. No doubt it's Blue that did it."

Owen was stunned. He couldn't belive that Blue, his former pack raptor, was there killing this people. But after all, she was an animal, that acted in instincts, and he knew that she would eat anything she find.

"We need to find her Barry. We need to take her out of here for her and these people's safety. And we must discover who put her here. She wouldn't appear here without human intervention. She must be a bit scared by all of this new habitat."

Before Barry replied, a loud scream and noises came out of the house. They ran to see what it was happening.
There were a lot of people out there, and a man, was screaming something in spanish with an animal on his left hand. He held it above his head.
Owen and Barry tried to get closer and inspect what the man has found. They weren't so close, but Owen could see that it had feathers, and it was the size of a chicken.
"Hold on Owen, I'll convince the man to let us take a look at it."

They were in a meeting room now, and Bridgette had taken a seat across from Claire and Lowery. Lowery was fidgeting with his cup of coffee, unsure of what to do or say. However Claire was composed, trying to appear normal. She knew what may be going on here, and she did not want to let anything show outwardly to let the other woman know she knew.

"Our CEO Dodgson sends his regrets that he couldn't be here now, he is currently attending to matters elsewhere in the Expo, with other members of the board. However, I am authorized to begin your formal introduction to our company,"

Claire nodded politely as she drank some more coffee. "So when do I begin training to get acclimated to the company?" she asked.

"Do you have any more coffee?" Lowery asked.

Meanwhile in Costa Rica, Owen was now a few hundred dollars lighter as the man had allowed them to inspect the animal...for a fee. Or a bribe. The animal was restrained via a rope to a post, and they stood at a distance looking down at it. "Its a dinosaur all right, Barry said.

Owen nodded. "Not one of ours though...is that a tag on it's arm?" he said pointing to a blue tag seemingly visible through the feathers.

"Yeah I think it is." Barry carefully approached it to look closer. "It says...Asset number 178."

Owen hated the term "asset". Those animals were living beings, not objects.
"Well, this isn't much information. We can't get anything from that. But...We have the animal here. I don't know for sure what species it is. Jurassic World never had this dinosaur species. I know InGen made a dinosaur very similar to this one, but they didn't have feathers and were located on Isla Sorna. But I won't throw beans and say this is InGen/Biosyn stuff yet. We can send it to some speciallist, a paleontologist or a geneticist to identify it. Do you know any specialist here?"

"I know one." Barry smiled as he said it.


"This is it." Said Bridgette, as she entered a very large hall with Claire and Lowery following behind.

"Our conference will start in 2 hours in this hall. As you can see people are already arriving, representatives and press media from all the globe. This is a very important presentation for our company. I have here VIP passes for you both. You will watch the conference from the cabin. Meanwhile, before I go to the stage, I would like to finish the talk with you Ms.Dearing. It's very important." Bridgette handed Claire and Lowery 2 cards.

"Sure. I'm excited to start working as soon as possible." Claire faked a smile while saying this. It was so easy for her. She did that so many times back on Jurassic World.

"Great. That's the spirit we want in Biosyn corporation. I'm sure you're one of the best talents we got, Ms. Dearing." Bridgette smiled back.

Meanwhile, Lowery wondered in his mind how Owen was doing. He didn't call back, and he only hoped he could arrive in time.

Later that day, Barry and Owen were in town talking on the phone. The tag they had carefully managed to cut with a knife and were forced to leave the specimen behind. Not before carefully taking a picture with his phone though. "Yes I'm sending you the tag right now, the picture of it" he said as he talked to the person on the phone. "let me know what they say," he said.

Looking at Barry. "They say it will take a while to process, in the meantime we need to get this sample to a lab," he says picking up a feather that had fallen off. I know a guy though, he said as they got in the car.

Lowery and Claire were sitting in the cabin waiting for the conference to start. Lowery was looking down at the business center about to really open. "Hey I got her number though," he said looking at the business card Bridgette had given them. Claire rolled her eyes as she focused on the center.

It was starting, and there was a powerpoint presentation being prepared, it seemed. The presentation was starting. "2018 will be a big year for Biosyn," the person at the podium said. "There are a lot of new improvements and advances we wish to share... first of all starting with our first speaker for the headlining announcement...Bridgette Meeks!"

Claire frowned as she watched Bridgette take the podium. "We are glad to welcome you all today, and first of all the first item on the agenda is Biosyn's recent acquisition of InGen technologies."...

Meanwhile, Owen and Barry rushed to the Costa Rica Biology Center to meet Dr. Marty Gutierrez at his lab. Marty was a very competent biologist that met Owen some time ago in Jurassic World, while visiting it. Marty got amazed by the raptor pack that Owen was working on it.

"Dr. Marty, it's a pleasure to see you again!" Said Owen as he entered his lab.

Marty was a mid aged man. He had a genuine smile in his face.
"Ah, Owen Grady! My pleasure! Please, come in. I'm sorry for the mess, but you know, labs are supposed to be...chaotic."

Owen smiled. "I understand it. Dr.Marty, this is my friend, Barry, don't know if you remember him, he worked with me on Jurassic World."

Marty looked him over while saying. "Oh, I think I remember you! The french guy, right?" He said while extending his hand for greeting Barry.

"Yes, it's me, great to see you too again." Barry smiled while greeting Marty back.

"So, I have some stuff here to show you." Owen said, while taking the feather in his hand. "This was taken from a dinosaur that was attacking a village. It had a size of a chicken. Full of feathers. We also took detailed photos of the animal. Can you identify the species?" He said as he took the phone to show Marty the pics.

Marty looked surprised. "A dinosaur, on the mainland, here, on Costa Rica? I'm not doubting you Owen, but this is shocking. " He looked at the pics and after a moment of silence, he spoke up: "I can't say 100% for sure just based on the photos, but it looks like a Compsognathus longipes. It was a small theropod on the jurassic period. We can't confirm if it really had feathers but this is very interesting. Let me take a look at this feather. Anyway, who could be possibly clonning those animals here on mainland, after Jurassic World incident? You know, the ethics are more stronger this time".

"We don't know for sure but I suspect Biosyn, that company that just bought what lasted from InGen, is behind this." Owen replied while giving Marty the feather.

Marty spoted some small blood stain on it. "If you have patience, we can possibly discover it's genetic make up and then I can confirm you if it really is a Compsognathus."

"Great. But we've got no time. How long this will take?" Owen asked, worried.

"Well, it's not that easy to sequence the whole genome, it can take some time, but luckly we have the last generation of sequence computers so, it might take only a few hours. I'll send this feather to the team now. Meanwhile, you 2 can wait here." Marty said as he got out of the room, the door slowly closed after him.

"Damn, Claire is going to kill me. Just wait a bit, please."

Meanwhile the Biosyn presentation began in earnest this time. "As you know, Ingen was recently acquired by Biosyn technologies." Bridgette began as she started the slideshow. "However what you may not know is that many of InGen's proprietary technologies were also part of this deal."

Claire felt her fists clench and Lowery looked confused. "Hey Claire, what does Proprietary mean again?" he asked her. She gave him a look and he shut up.

Bridgette continued. "The assets in the deal included but were not limited to, technological advances but also biological assets as well. We are currently processing our most recent acquisitions but we have something to show as an example of current projects in development." She presses a button on the slide.

It shows a pic of the InGen logo then switches to a video marked 'live'. This is one of our latest products in development, it is our first direct acquisition from the InGen buyout.

In the video, it is showing embryos stacked up in a freezer. On the label it is saying "specimen v.2..."

"These are dinosaur embryos..." Bridgette begins.

"Okay, I don't like this sh*t" Said Claire, anger in her eyes. "Tell me that they aren't making dinosaurs after what happened, please, please, please..."

"Well, they are. And new ones too." Said Lowery.

"I know they are, it was just a retorical question. This reminds me of the lunatic ideas Hoskins had." Claire began to remember all the "weaporized dinos" talk she and Owen listened from Hoskins. All the nightmares came into light again. It still scared her. Now, she fully knew that something very serious was happening behind the flashes. And she needed to discover.
"Where's Owen? He should be here listening to all this."

"I don't know, Claire. I tried to contact him but he won't answer back. I think he won't arrive in time..." Lowery said while looking his phone.

Claire sighed.

"Well, I think the best we can do now is pay attention to this and get more information from it."


Several hours passed. Barry was almost sleeping on the chair. Owen was well awake, worried and couldn't stop walking in the room. He hoped Claire and Lowery were okay. He took his phone and he saw he forgot complety to call them back. He turned the phone on and saw 58 calls from Lowery.

"Damn, just hold on a bit more, please."

The door oppened, and Dr. Marty entered. He looked quite amused.

"About time!" Said Owen, loudly enough to make Barry wake up. He almost fell off his chair.

"Damn Owen, I was trying to take a nap."

"So, doc, what's the news?" Owen couldn't wait anymore. He needed answers.

"Well, you gave my team quite a challenge. Even with our computers, it was quite hard to crack all the genetic code." Marty smiled, but Owen could see his friend was very tired.
"But, we could get in our database and confirm most of it's genetic code matches with Compsognathus. I must say, the person that...created this magnificent animal has such an extraordinary gift in crafting the animal's genome that if it wasn't the fact that it's a hybrid, I would never say it was created by the hands of a human. I could very easilly say it was a work of nature. It almost reaches the level of perfection."

"Wait, a hybrid? This thing is a hybrid?" Barry said while giving a step foward, his eyes wide in surprise.

"Yes. It's genome isn't pure. While most of it comes from a Compsognathus, there's a whole cocktail of genes in it. There's even Imperial butterfly genes. I don't know any living geneticist that has such a gift to create this animal. None of the renowed ones can do that. But, I can point out one, the problem is that...This person was supposed to be dead, 3 years ago. I can't see how it's possible, I don't understand." Marty seated in his chair.

Owen and Barry looked at each other. Barry didn't say anything, Owen turned to Dr. Marty, his face serious.

Marty sighed as he stood up and went towards a large book shelf. He searched on it, and grabbed a medium sized book. He turned to face Owen and Barry.
"I'm not a geneticist, but I know all the renowed ones, since I'm very active on the science academy. And from all of them, just one is know to have the skills to create such an animal, combining all sorts of DNA. No wonder why he was the pioneer in 2 genetic advances and the leader of his field for more than a decade. You know, this might be just a crazy idea I had, don't take it too serious." He put the book down on his desk. It had a orange-redish color on it's cover with the DNA structure on it. Owen read the title: "The next step: An evolution of God's concepts". Bellow it, the author's name: Dr. Henry Wu.

Owen froze for a second. It couldn't be. The same person that created his pack of raptors. The person that created all those majestic animals, but also a killing machine, the I.rex. At first, he found it difficult to belive, but then he remembered the last time he saw Hoskins alive, and what he said. Dr.Wu was too precious for InGen to let him get killed. Hoskins said he was also in whatever plan InGen had. He was a key piece for whatever they were going to do.

"Marty, I think your idea isn't crazy at all." Owen looked at Barry, and he saw the same concern in his friend's eyes. "Barry, this is huge. We need to fly back and contact Lowery and Claire as soon as possible. We're going to discover where they're creating these animals and what they're doing. We can't let this pass on."

There were a few questions from the shareholders immediately, and Bridgette began to answer what she could. "Information is limited at this time, as the company still has to make a formal press release, but full details will be released in due time," she said.

"Biosyn can confirm however, that the dinosaur cloning technology will not be utilized to reopen Jurassic World...we have a different use for it."

"Looks like I don't get my old job back after all," Lowery sighed. "It was legit though."

Claire ignored him, only slightly elbowing him and passing it off as an accident.

"Biosyn is utilizing dinosaurian technology in ways that can benefit mankind. Imagine Jurassic World which was a place just for the rich. Who does that benefit? These animals are extinct for sixty five million years...."

She continued. "We made them, we own them...so why not do one better then showing them off to the rich? We have improved upon Henry Wu's formula and are able to make dinosaurs easier, cheaper..."

Claire muttered under her breath "oh no...what are they going with this?"

Bridgette continued "Think about it, there are no ethical issues involved with creating a species just purely for the purpose of medical experimentation or testing. Imagine the great controversies of the medical industry solved now that nobody is protesting a cute rabbit or monkey being experimented on."

Claire was burning in anger. She couldn't belive what she was listening. After all that happened, they still wanted to create more dinosaurs and run over ethics.

"She says that because she clearly never saw a dinosaur closer and looked into it's eyes..."

Claire was glad that she had the opportunity to see that those animals were more than assets, they were living beings, as Owen said to her. They were magnific creatures, and deserved respect.

Lowery looked at Claire and couldn't belive she was the same person that worked with him. She changed. But she changed in a better way. He was happy to see that she learned from her mistakes. He was about to say something when his phone rang up.

"Oh sh*t..." Lowery grabbed the phone as fast as he could. Claire gave him a look.

"Lowery, why you didn't put your phone in silence mod?"

Lowery slided his finger in the "answer" button. "Owen? It's me Lowery, we're still in the-"

"Give me that." Claire suddenly took Lowery's phone away from him. "Owen? WHERE ARE YOU? You were supposed to be here already!" Claire shouted to the phone.

"Shhhh, speak lower Claire." Lowery said, looking around him and noting some people were looking at them.

"Claire, I'm sorry, some unexpected things happened. I'm flying back there now. Barry's going to stay here and see if he can track down Blue and find the total escaped dinosaurs radius area." Owen said while looking at his friend Barry, who was driving a jeep.

"What do you mean by escaped dinosaurs? It isn't just Blue? And you couldn't locate her?" Said Claire, through the phone.

"No, we weren't able to locate her. And yes, there's more dinosaurs species running wild here. One of them we already identified as a hybrid. We also discovered Dr.Wu is possibly alive."

"WHAT?" Claire suddenly got up from her chair. Lowery looked at her again as a reminder that they were in a public space.

"Claire, I'll explain this better when I arrive. Now please, you both get out of this expo thing, go to Lowery's house and stay there until I arrive. I'll meet you there. Don't go back to our house."

"Owen, you're starting to worry me. I'm already hired to work for them. I can try investigate-" Claire started to talk but was interrupted by Owen shouting from the phone.

"Forget this sh*t! This company is dangerous, Claire. Do as I say! Please stay safe, I love you." Owen shouted and the call was ended.

Claire was getting afraid. Biosyn acquired InGen and is clonning dinosaurs again. Dinosaurs were loose on mainland. And from those dinosaurs, there was also hybrids. And Henry was alive. It was too much for her mind. But she needed to stay calm and do what Owen told her. She turned to Lowery, who was standing still on his chair, his face stunned.

"Lowery, we need to get out of here, now."

Claire was unsure, even as the presentation was finishing up. "Yes, I'll make sure to get out of there..." she said as she saw Bridgette was already taking questions. "Lowery get your stuff, we might have to go," she said.

But before she could rouse Lowery Bridgette was already there. "Did you enjoy the presentation? I hope it was informative about what we do here at Biosyn."

Claire gave a fake smile. "Yes it really was, I just realized...family emergency, I have to go home really fast. I am so so sorry. Can we do this another time?"

Bridgette nodded. "Of course, We understand. Take all the time you need, and we'll be here when your ready."

Claire leaves but for some reason Lowery takes a long time. "Sorry, I forgot my phone," he says with a shrug. However as Claire turns Lowery smiles and puts the business card in his shirt pocket. On the back was an address at a coffee shop and he couldn't believe his luck that Bridgette had accepted his invitation to 'maybe get coffee sometime'. Maybe his days of being unlucky in dating were gone?

Bridgette watched as Claire and Lowery walked away. She wondered why Claire had rushed to leave, maybe she suspected something? Or maybe it was just an emergency, like she said? She hoped everything was fine and Claire would be back to start working. It was her task to make sure Claire Dearing accepted to work on Biosyn. She couldn't miss her. Or the CEO was going to crush her, and she could imagine his voice on her mind bashing her. At least, she got to meet a nice person, Claire's companion was really interesting, and funny too. He asked her to a date, and maybe she could give him a chance, even if he didn't look like her type. Her phone rang up, and she took it to see who was calling her. She froze, chills down her spine. It was the CEO, Lewis Dodgson.

"Hello, Mr. Dodgson?" She said, trying to stay calm.

"Bridgette, did everything go as planned?" A sharp voice came from the phone.

"Y-yes Mr.Dodgson. Everything like you wanted, Claire Dearing works for Biosyn now."

"Excellent! Now we can use her to get what we want. Take her already to Biosyn HQ." Dodgson said, a charming smile in his lips.

"Errr, there's a problem. Claire, she isn't here now. She got an emergency and had to leave". Bridgette didn't know how to say it, but she knew Dodgson wouldn't play nice.

"She left? You allowed her to leave? You incompetent bitch! You were supposed to hold her there! Where is she now?"

"I-I don't know! She didn't leave any clue." Bridgette was trully scared now. She didn't want to loose her job. She needed it, while not wanting to work for a man like Dodgson, she needed to work there.

"Damnit. I'm going there, don't dare leave this place. We need to find her, now!" The call ended.

Bridgette sit in a chair, tears streaming down her face.


Meanwhile, Claire was driving Lowery's car, fast. Lowery listened carefully as Claire updated him with what Owen told her on the phone. He didn't know if he was more scared by what was happening, or the way Claire was driving the car.

"Claire, I-I think I should have been driving it." Lowery said while grabbing the seat he was seated.

"Not a chance!" Said Claire, foccused on the road.

"You're too fast, slow down or- TRUCK!"

Claire turned right to avoid crashing the car in the truck. Lowery was pale.

"Calm down Lowery, I've got this!"

"S-so, Dr.Wu is alive and creating more hybrids, right?" Lowery pushed a new topic to distract himself.


The traffic light was red.

"Claire, the light is red, you can't-"

"Hold on Lowery, I'm not going to stop!"

"You're gonna kill us!" Lowery screamed.

"Stop the drama Lowery! The traffic is low, we can pass it!"

The road was calm. There wasn't any single car there, and the streetwalks were desert. Lowery closed his eyes as they passed the traffic light.

"T-the first park, the first park was legit. The animals were legit, no need to create more of those hybrids monsters. Ian Malcolm was right, he was always right!"

"Yeah, I guess you should tell Henry that."

"I'm not going to be able to tell him because you're going to kill us before!" Lowery said as Claire turned the car abruptly to the left in a curve.

Claire rolled her eyes.
"We're almost there, just calm down, Lowery. I don't like to drive fast like this, but we can't lose any second."

Dodgson was furious. Claire had gotten away because Bridgette was incompetent. He was surrounded by idiots. He called on the phone again. "Okay, I am sending you because you are my best enforcer. Don't fail me now," he hung up thinking. They were so close. He could not have his plans be ruined because of incompetent people...

He took a deep breath as he looked up at the monitor. It showed the biosyn labs, there were guards at all the entrances. In the middle of the labs, looking very unhappy, was Henry Wu.

"It's time. I can't wait. I must act now." Said Dodgson under his breath.

He walked down towards the labs of the facility, followed by one of his closest soldiers. Dodgson entered in the elevator and pressed the lowest button. The elevator descended deep in the building. The door oppened, and Dodgson started walking in a large hall, full of small sized dinosaurs contained in glass pannels, and lab workers busy running around. He walked through the aisles and finally came to meet a large door in the end. He passed his ID card in the pannel and the door unlocked. He got inside. It was a large room full of tubes and it was deadly silent. Dodgson ignored it and went into the glass door in the corner. He looked inside the room and saw some incubators, one of them with a lonely egg moving slighty. It was about to hatch. He entered the room and waited. It didn't last long and the egg shell cracked, a pale skinned claw coming outside. The animal forced it's head outside the egg, and slowly got out of it. Dodgson looked curiously at the small animal and was about to touch it when a voice came behind him:

"Don't you dare touch it."

Dodgson turned around. Standing on the door entrance was Dr.Wu, his face serious. He had aged more as show in his greying hair. He wear a white labcoat with black pants.

"Heh, look who decided to appear after all! I was wondering where the hell you were. And relax, I'm not going to hurt your 'babies'." Dodgson laughed cynically.

Wu didn't say anything. Dodgson continued:

"Anyway, let's get back on what's important. I need you to start the testings on the assets, and by that I mean all of them, even the hybrids, I'm going to start my project now."

"I can't do that. They're not ready yet." Protested Wu.

"They're not ready?? How they're not ready? I gave you 3 years! 3 years and they aren't ready? You are all incompetent!" Snapped Dodgson.

"I'm just following safety protocols. I've heard some dinosaurs escaped the containment. Including the female velociraptor that your team captured on Nublar."

"To hell with that! Time wasted is money wasted! And I don't want to waste more money! Do you really care about safety at all? Don't be a hypocrite! If you really cared you wouldn't create that killing machine that destroyed the place you worked 3 years ago! You're going to do what I say now, or I'll disapear with you and put another person in your place! There's a lot of young scientists that can do what you do here! We don't need you anymore! And you!" Pointed Dodgson to his guard. "You call the security and make sure they get the raptor back! Don't kill her, I need that animal for my plans! The rest you can do whatever you want! Damn I need to do everything here." He left the room, followed by the guard.

The door closed slowly. Wu was burning in anger, although he never really showed it. Dodgson never really cared for him or his work, and Wu could count on his fingers how many times Dodgson went there. Masrani also didn't visited his lab very often back on Jurassic World, but he was far from being someone like Dodgson. John Hammond was the only one he could tell that really cared about him and his work. But he is dead long time ago. He was tired of all this stuff, to be given orders by some asshole like Dodgson and work for his company. He wanted to be free to do his own thing, but now he couldn't. He was losing his new ideas and will to discover and inovate. He couldn't lose the only things that made him feel alive. "Probably thanks to this place", he thought. It made him feel sick, and he couldn't get out, he never got out and saw the world outside of this building since 3 years ago. He was trapped there, like a prisoner. He wouldn't get out there alive. And even if he did, he would never be the same. He would never inovate again, even if he wanted. Now other scientists knew his secrets, something that he cared for years to not reveal to anyone. He was done. And all of that because of a dumb mistake, a dumb move made by him years ago when he accepted to work with Hoskins. He thought that he was going to be valued, but now no one needs him anymore. His mind burned.

He took the baby Indominus rex that just hatched in his hands and walked back to his desk, and sat in his chair.

"What have I done to myself?" He said out loud while looking at the small dinosaur in his hands.

But he still loved to create those dinosaurs. It was something out of his power. He just couldn't stop. The power of creation was something just a few could hold in hands, and he was one of them. He didn't care about what other people said. He hated moralists because they couldn't see the beauty in the act of creation. They all said he would die doing this one day. Well, if he's going to die, he would die doing what he loved to do, with no regret. But he wouldn't just sit around and wait for it. He knew InGen and all their shady sh*t because he worked with them for more than 20 years. Some stuff were still fresh in his mind. Biosyn wasn't InGen, in fact, it was much worse than InGen. But he was in the middle of it, and he knew most shady stuff they were doing. He just needed a way to expose it and screw with all the company. And he didn't need much time for an idea pop in his mind. It was going to be...chaotic.

"Well, Mr.Dodgson, let's try a new test."

Meanwhile, Owen just arrived in Lowery's apartment. He knocked the door a few times.

"Oh, it must be Owen" Claire ran and answered the door.

Owen was greeted with a hug and kisses.

"Owen, oh my God I was thinking something happened with you, I'm so glad you're here and safe!"

"I'm glad you're safe too Claire." Owen looked at Lowery. "Thank you Lowery ."

Lowery smiled back. "You know, I'll never let Claire drive my car again, but aside from that, everything went fine."

Claire gave Lowery another of her looks.

"Oh, I know, I know, my bad, sorry again." Apologized Lowery.

"Great, I'll update you 2 with what just happened. Barry sent me an e-mail about the radius area. I think he's close to find where the dinosaurs are escaping from. Lowery, turn on your computer."

"It's already on."

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Blue skid to a stop at the edge of a thin river. Her chest was panting out and in from exertion as she dipped her head down and drank, scooping up water and raising her head to let it go down her neck like how a bird drinks. She drank her fill, hissing contently as her breathing slowed back down with a calmed pulse.

Or it did until she heard a stick break somewhere in the distance. The raptor hopped up onto her toes, looking too and fro rapidly as she tried to pin-point what the noise was coming from.


Several mean in jungle camouflage, Biosyn mercenaries, stealthfully march through the jungle with their weapons at the ready. The group is semi-spread out but well within visual range of each other for safety, five strong. Two had clearly identifiable assault rifles while another has a net-launcher similar to the ACU troopers, while the last two have taser rifles. They're clearly tracking something, coming to the same river Blue was at.

"She was here, not long ago."

The leader mumbled, reaching up and pulling out his radio.

"We're close, but tracks stop. She must have jumped in."

A static filled voice chimes in across the handheld.

"Can you use thermals?"

The team leader, Nick Harris, groans in annoyance; replying back in a voice that was in no way devoid of snark not too far removed from Owen old MO.

"We're in 94' weather with 100' humidity and in a jungle. Got any better suggestions like blinding myself?"

"I'm going to elect to ignore that.", the voice, Nick's overseer Joyce, retorted.

"Like my demands to get out of contract both before and after this job?"

"Biosyn thanks you for your cooperation, Nick. Do you want X-1 or X-2 to be deployed to sniff our missing lady out?"

Nick's eye twitches, obviously miffed at the stoic titling and refusing to abide by it for "his boys".


Joyce, a taller man with a short beard, is holding an identical handheld radio as he leans against an unmarked, heavily armored truck. Nick's voice chimes in from across the radio line.

"Send Achilles, Spartacus has been ornery this week. We want to find the raptor, not cause an attack."

Joyce snickers, shaking his head with an unpleasant smile stretches across his face.

"First time the assets will be sniffing a female like them, will this affect preformance."

"Probably make him run faster once he catches her scent. Just send in Achilles to the cords I'm pinging and I'll make sure the sterility Biosyn bred in keeps, Grendel leader out."

The radio line cuts out with Nick's retort. Joyce climbs inside the truck, apparent armor plating surrounding the cab. We see an outside shot of various shutters closing down across the windows and tires, some of them having claw marks on them. Joyce flips a few switches to turn on an onboard system, a monitor flicking on showing near total darkness.


The monitor view slowly raises up and down, low breathing and somewhat familiar hissing audible. Machinery whirls and the camera moves around, showing it's mounted on something's head. Light streams in from the back of the truck opening and the cage door in front of the camera springing open. We get a glimpse of three other sets of eyes looking at the camera point of view as it turns around and its owner heads to the door.


A pointed snout sniffs at the truck door frame before raising up into the wind. Recurved, sickle-like claws curl over the edges of the cold metal. A dinosaur, slightly smaller than Blue and approximately the same size as Charlie, is standing on the end of the truck bed. It closely resembles an InGen or Masrani Velociraptor, but with short crests in front of its brow and is instead covered in feathers of variable length; the longest being on the arms and tail though many of these were obviously cropped to help fit the flak vest and bracers it had on its vital areas. In practice it looks like a mix of some sort of long tailed, ground hawk, a caracara, and a raptor in military gear. In actuality it's the second in Biosyn's first hybrid line, a modified Deinonychus. On its head were two small, cellphone sized devices, one on either side. The first was the camera from which Joyce was observing it, the second was a small box that was slightly obscured by the Deinonychus' feathers.

Biosyn's acquisition of Hoskin's military program hasn't gone unused. The second individual created under the Grendel project, X-2 a.k.a Achilles, looks back into the truck briefly. Two more Deinonychus hybrids, their cages labeled X-3 "Hector" and X-4 "Perseus" are looking back at Achilles. In the back is a still shadow covered cage labeled, X-1 "Achilles". That cage is noticeably larger than the other three, a black, shadow veiled form resembling a very large raptor is visible. Achilles looks back out and screeches a call similar to one of the InGen raptors before bolting off into the forest.
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Jurassic Park Portal JW2 fanfic
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