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 Jurassic Park: Extinction

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park: Extinction    Jurassic Park: Extinction  Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 3:30 pm


1998, New Years Eve, New York.

A crowded bar, – the countdown to the new year just over, people were drinking and singing along drunkenly to aud laud syne at the top of their lungs. Fallen confetti and cheap glitter littered the many tables in the tightly packed space, along with half empty cups of beer and beer bottles. A lamp had broken in the ceiling from the vigorous partying, and so the bar was a bit darker than necessary, the staff putting out lit tea candles to conpensate. People in silly paper hats with flushed faces stood in circles, swaying with a combination of alcohol and the beat of the music in a carefree way. In a corner of the bar, Jim Hastings sat by himself very quietly, watching the proceedings around him – his eyes too sharp to be anything but sober. He checked his watch – a company gift from his last birthday, a Rolex with white roman dial and fluted bezel. There was a small crack in the glass disc, which he had yet to replace.

It was 3 minutes after midnight.

On a small flickering tv bolted to a corner of the wall, the news was on but nobody in the room seemed to pay any attention to it. A newcomer stepped in from the cold with a small trail of snow behind him, dressed impeccably in muted gray suit and charcoal overcoat – hardly festive. He scanned the bar with an intent gaze as he pattened down his coat from melting snow. Peter Eldrich was usually a punctual man, but the new years traffic had delayed him a couple of minutes. A legal representative had been flown out from Hong Kong to meet with him tonight, as it was imperative that this matter be settled as soon as possible.

Of course if it had been up to him, he’d chosen a more discrete location for their meeting - but he supposed this was the better alternative if one wanted to preserve anonymity.

Over by the bar counter, people were beginning to quiet down a bit. The ball had dropped, and people were moving on to other, more upscale parties in the city while few remained. Hastings raised his hand at Eldrich and beckoned him over. He sat down next to him in the booth and removed the black leather gloves and let his eyes rest on Hasting for a second before he scanned the bar again, fingers drumming against the tabletop.

”It’s the same every year, isn’t it?”Mr. Eldrich muttered and the other man nodded, and added with a little surprise in his voice:

”Even this one. ”

Eldrich shrugged minutely, but he was still watching the bar around them with a heavy air of suspicion, as if it were filled with media hungry journalists or rampant assassins – journalists being the far worst of the two in his own opinion.

”People move on, they forget.” he said with a strange finality and calm. Hastings regarded him over his drink for a few moments before he sighed, tired. He raised his glass.

”Next time, I’m not so sure they will. Scotch?” Eldrich didn’t even look at the drink and instead preened with his black leather suitcase, preparing the papers that needed to be signed.

”No, thank you.” he said, his tone clipped as he fiddled with his fountain pen. Hastings shrugged, downing his own glass.
Personally, he hadn’t really met anyone from the Ingen office face to face – this arrangement had all been made by telephone and faxed letters, up until now that is. It was rumoured, since the now infamous San Diego incident, of the Ingen ruthlessness, but his employeer had assured him that Ingen were good people – people you could trust. But Mr. Eldrich – who looked more like a vulture than anything else, hardly stirred such sentiments. Hegestured carefullly to the documents lying face down on the table.

”Did you bring it?” he asked. Eldrich cocked his head and sniffed, replying instantly and seemed offended.

”Of course. You want to go over it now?”

Hastings thought that question over. Did he? No, no he didn’t. He definitly needed another drink before taking a look at those staggering numbers Ingen was willing to invest in a project that wasn’t even off the ground yet. He shooks his head and smiled tightly.

”No. It can wait.” he said after a moment, and after he had ordered another scotch for himself and a lemon water for his friend, Eldrich waited until the bartender had gone and then leaned in over the table, eyes fixed – not on Hastings own, but rather at some point over his shoulder.

”I have to ask you, did anyone know you were coming here?” he inquired in a low voice. Hastings quickly replied in a similar manner.

”No, I acted per your instructions.”

Eldrich leaned back, letting the bartender leave his glass of lemon water before replying.

”Very good.”

”I gotta say I’m surprised they agreed to this, after...” Hastings said, trailing off at the end meaningfully. To his suprise, Eldrich snorted this time. As if a T.Rex running amock on mainland was nothing more than a company prank.

”Heh, well. Let me tell you something about my employeers, Jim. It is Jim isn’t it?” he asked, giving the man his first real smile of the evening, but notably not stopping hear an answer before he barrelled on.” They may always be interested in the finances first, but it is a company created by scientists, so. The recent, more unpleasant developments in San Diego? ” he made a gesture with his hand that meant to convey indifference, while taking a sip from his glass. ” That might have shocked someone like you and me, but they knew that could happen. And like I said, people... have very short memory. ”
Hastings narrowed his eyes at the man. Usually, he didn’t put much stock in what businessmen like Eldrich said, since this was all about the money anyway – he wasn’t supposed to dicipher the reasoning behind Ingens sudden genorosity towards this project. But something about the situation, and from what he himself had seen over the last couple of days on the blueprints, he needed something – an indication from the other party , that gave him some measure of assurance that their involvement was handled responsibly. Something about this whole affair was tugging at his concience, which rarely happened in his line of work. No scratch that - it never happened. This had been just another business assignment to him up until a week ago. He'd connected the dots by then, understood finally what his employer was setting out to do.

”That last part sounds very much like wishful thinking to me.” he said, looking at Eldrich very carefully. The man either didn’t notice his scrutiny or he didn’t care. Instead, he merely seemed amused.

”You underestimate the stock we put in our interference with the media. Haven’t you noticed? When was the last time you heard anything about lizards and dinosaurs on national televison? ” he asked, and it was a good point. Despite it only being a few months since it happened, the news hadn’t even mentioned the san diego incident since early march.

Giving up, he held out his hands for the documents. As they exchanged the confidential papers, he couldn’t help but wonder though.

”And Hammond won’t be a problem?” he asked, eyes skimming the information laid out in front of him, signing his name at the bottom. Eldrich was similarly occupied, his delicate fountain pen making quick work across the pages.

”They hung that poor bastard by the ankles, pardon me for saying so. ” He answered. ” No, this is going to run smoothly – given that everybody involved sticks to the confidentiality agreement of course.”

Hastings wasted no time on informing him about their progress.

”The scientists have already signed on. There’s a plane leaving in the morning that will take them to the facility, all expenses paid on our part for five years ahead. Now your employeers just have to step in with the rest. ”

”I’m sure they’ll agree to your terms – after all, this was their idea to begin with. Now tell me, what news from the Roslin Institute?”
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: Extinction    Jurassic Park: Extinction  Icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 8:37 pm

Hey, very cool! Very ominous. I'd like to see what happens to these characters. I hope you choose to continue this; you've done a fine job so far!

Have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: Extinction    Jurassic Park: Extinction  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 8:24 am

Thank you! Muawhahaha. Yes, omnious was exactly what I was aiming for. Next chapter will be up soon, I should think.
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: Extinction    Jurassic Park: Extinction  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 10:16 am

Very interesting! You got my attention with this one. Keep up the good work! Very Happy

Jurassic Park: Extinction  Jurassic_world_fk_crop_no_wm_1
"A creature of the future, built with pieces of the past!"
"This is the most dangerous creature that ever walked the Earth!"
"That thing cannot leave this building."
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: Extinction    Jurassic Park: Extinction  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 6:33 pm

Chapter 1

2001, Dry Gulch valley, CA

Overlooking the cliffs from the top, one could almost fool themselves to think that this place had gone untouched for years. As far as you could see, there was only yellow and orange rock, green shrubbery and dense trees packed together for miles around. There wasn’t even the sound of birds here, too dusty for them to land except for the vultures. One circled the valley up ahead, waiting for its next meal.

Just when you thought that it was deserted of human life, a tanned hand shot out from over the cliffside, searching for purchase among the short tufts of grass growing on the top. A woman heaved herself up, climbing gear strapped to her backpack, her knees protected by padding. The face of Alice Holloway emerged, her dark eyes focused on the ground beneath her, catching her breath. Turning around in a crouch, she held out a hand to her friend who was just coming up beside her.

Alice had warned her that the Echo cliffs were not for beginners, but Tanya had scoffed and told her to shut it, but right now all she wanted to do was find the nearest available flat surface and go to sleep there for the next 12 hours or so. She glared up at her through sweaty blonde strands of hair, panting like crazy.

Alice only smirked, waiting for the inevitable. Her black hair still in a perfectly neat ponytail, the sweat on her brow more from the sun than the exercise. Tanya was still catching her breath.

”You said...that this was a piece of cake. Wasn’t that what you said?” She wheezed out. Alice thumped her on the back, looking smug.

”And it is too. For someone who knows what they’re doing. You need more practise.” she said, holding out a full waterbottle to Tanya, which she quickly grabbed, downing half of its contents in one go.

”You were right though, it’s pretty from up here. Once I can breathe again, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more.”

Tanya Walker worked as a secretary for Mr. Keane at InGen, the only secretary Alice would tolerate because she kept snickers taped under her desk and had been pratically alienated by the rest of her female peers because of her renowned crass sense of humour.

Alice’s beeper went off – work was calling her in. Being a corporate lawyer at InGen was hard work for lots of reasons, but it had its perks. They usually left her to her own devices during lunch hour, so this was special.

”I gotta take off soon. Want a hand on the way down?”

”You can keep your hands to yourself – this mountain and I are to become the best of friends.”

************ *********** **************

InGen Main offices, Palo Alto.

Turns out it wasn’t THAT special. Her superior just wanted her to go down to the Hammond mansion in Pasadena and collect some legal papers they’d apparently missed on an earlier appointment. Which in retrospect – was no big deal.

But going to the mansion these days was like invading a small, hostile country. Especially if you happened to be a lawyer.

”Haven’t we given them enough grief by now? From what I’ve heard, Mrs. Murphy dropped a bucket of ice water on Harold’s head last time he visited there on InGens behalf.”She said, crossing her legs and giving her boss the sideye.

Mr. Keane did that squiggly thing with his mouth that meant that he was trying to hold in a grin, while at the same time giving away that he’d been told off again by the higher ups. He’d always been too soft for a lawyer – even though he was a great boss, he sometimes lacked the cold steel occationally needed for the job.

These days, Ingen were more invested in financing medical research and their other parks, the normal ones – the zoos in Florida and the natural preserve in west Africa. But due to their unfortunate history, you had to be tough when it came to criticism from outside parties.

He sighed deeply. The Hammond name was both a curse and a blessing to this company, still. Their family lawyers and Ingens had been battling about money for the last 4 years or so with no signs of it stopping anytime soon. And after Ludlow had been killed (by a t-rex no less) it really became vicious. At that point, according to Ludlows own insistance – John Hammond had been completely severed from the company. That did not only affect him, but his children as well – and that was why Ellen Murphy refused to answer the door whenever they came calling. The bastard had made sure that his own flesh and blood wouldn’t get a cent.

”We know that. That’s why we’re sending you this time.”

For a brief second Alice contemplated if this was some sort of punishment job, but gave up on the thought – Keane may be demanding, but he certainly wasn’t vicious. He was asking her because he had already asked everyone else around the office. It was maybe a little ridiculous, but something about Mrs Murphy was clearly more frightening than a lawsuit.

”Do I have to?” she asked anyway, more to hear him explain than anything else.

”Look – according to the agreement in order to fully settle the estate now that John has passed away, we have to get a look at what he’s left behind. Even if she refuses to see you, someone else will have to come back and do it anway. She has no choice in the matter.”

”I’ll make sure to tell her that then. ”

”I’m counting on you for some female solidarity here.” That was a rich statement, considering that InGen current status on female employees was still down at 4%.

Female solidarity, right.

********* '********* ********* ******** ********

Two hours later she pulled up at the house in a silver BMW - if she had taken one of the company cars, the so easily recognizible cadillac DeVille with tinted windows, she was sure that Mrs. Murphy would come out running with a chainsaw. She noticed that there were several cars parked in the driveway today – good. Maybe that meant less drama, if other people were present. She paused to look out the window for a moment, taking in the sight of the place. It looked the same since she’d last been here – five years ago now. Around the time she’d first been hired, as it was. Right after the first incident, the failure of the first jurassic park. It said something about InGen if they were willing to hire more people during a financial struggle – they could afford it. But that didn’t mean that they liked losing money – the stocks had dropped from a staggering 78 to 19 in less than three hours.

At that time, it was a common sight to see a small pack of lawyers head in and out of the house – darkly muttering to themselves and each other. She had been assisting her boss most of the time, and her work had mostly consisted of highlighting statistics in his memos and getting his coffee, making sure he was taking his pills for to avoid that darn heartburn.

The funny thing about it all, was that Hammond himself never seemed unhappy to see them. He always greeted them with a smile, asking them if they’d eaten yet. Leaning on his cane, getting sicker, but not cross or moody.

It was only later she realized, that nobody else was coming to the house. The rest of his family had deserted him – all except for Tim and Lex, who occationally visited, despite their mother’s disapproval.

She remembered being sort of nervous, expecting him to crack down and cry, to barricade himself in his office.

He could come up to her and for no reason at all, start talking about Stonehenge – or could point out a statue he kept in his library and say ”did you know, that it took fifteen years for the carver to find the perfect set of gemstones for the eyes? That sort of dedication is extraordinary, don’t you agree?”

Mr. Hammond passed away in late August 1999 after he had heard that his other daughter, Tippi, had suffered from a stroke and been found in her london townhouse the next day, not breathing.

Later, she heard that something dramatic had occured at his funeral – though what exactly was still under debate. But a few weeks later, Ludlows wife was checked in to a ”resting home” in the south of florida for an indefinate stay, and her three children were adopted by Mrs Murphy herself.

As Alice stepped up on the porch and buzzed the doorbell she could hear children’s laughter in the wind. Was it coming from inside?

An elderly woman opened the door fully, a sour but expectant look on her face. The housekeeper, she guessed. Inside, she could see pastel streamers hanging from the ceiling, stray balloons floating across the marble floor. Apparently, someone was having a party.

”Is Mrs Ellen Murphy in?” she asked politely. But the sour expression on the womans face didn’t lift, nor did she hurry when she left the door open behind her.

”I’ll get her.”

A few children ran past inside, weilding toy guns, chocolate smears on their faces.

Mrs Murphy appeared a few moments later coming down the stairs, a phone pressed to her ear. She looked well put together, but harried – lines under her eyes and a thin mouth painted with bronze lipstick. Greying red hair put up in a messy bun. As she caught sight of Alice’s business suit, her eyes sharpened and she stopped in her tracks, but continued talking for a minute before she hung up.

Alice took a breath.

”Mrs Murphy...” But the woman in question stopped her from continuing with a wave of her hand.

”It’s not Mrs anymore, or Murphy for that matter – but the name seems to stick. ” she shrugged, ” So, what do I have to sign this time? That’s why you’ve come isn’t it?” she asked pointedly, crossing her arms and staring her down.

Oh boy.

Stepping on egg shells wasn’t really her forte, but if needs must. Alice tried to look sheepish, but it probably came across as weak and stupid.

”Well, not quite.”

”Today’s not a good time. It’s my son’s birthday – not that you’d care. ”

Mentally, Alice kicked herself for not remembering to bring some sort of trojan horse in the shape of an expensie action figure or a blow up castle. Instead, she put on her best apologetic smile.

”I’m really sorry about this. But you see, there are some papers that seem to be missing in our reports regarding your father’s estate. And we suspect that they might still be here. I’d like to make a copy of them, if that’s alright?”

Ellen rolled her eyes and turned to the living room visible from the staircase, where her children and adopted ones were busy ripping through another wrapped present as the housekeeper, Brunhilda, unhurridly collected the mangled remains of glittery bows and papercups. She looked back at Alice still standing in the hall, and something in her gave in.

”Fine, fine. Do whatever you want, I suppose. Hell, it’s not like this is really my house anymore either...”

Alice stared at her, some measure of sympathy growing for this woman. She understood what she meant when she said ”not her house”. Despite moving in with five children, the mansions interior remained the same. It was as if Ellen was trying to preserve something. Nobody could blame Ellen (Now Hammond) for being bitter, not really. She’d had a wonderful father, but a father that had cared more for his unattainable dreams rather than his own family. The result may not have been all Johns fault, but he was definitaly responsible for it. Ellen had been divorced twice, had a major custody battle for Tim and Lex after she’d been deemed an irresponsible parent for letting them go to her father’s island, and now had three extra children to look after . To top it off, she had no longer control over what InGen invested their money in. Before the major scandal, she’d been a prominent CEO at the company, but ultimately been butted out.

”I won’t be here long, I promise.” Alice added. Ellen turned to look at her from a distance, unflinching.

”Eat some cake while you’re here. There’s lots of cake.”

Without waiting for any further cues, Alice began making her way up the stairs and into John’s old offices. She’d been there enough times to find her way. Her sharp heels caught on a red ballon on the stairs, which popped loudly as she stepped on it. She jumped at the sudden noise in the cavernous house, and a few kids who’d been watching her entrance sniggered before being chased off by the housekeeper.

**** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******* *****

It was a little eerie to be in here, after all this time. The room had become a sort of mausoleum, artifacts of a dream. THe opened curtains didn't do much for the room anymore. The surfaces were getting dusty. Prizes from when the InGen sponsered Zoo in San diego was still famous. The skeleton of a dodo on a cabinet standing in a corner. A piece of forgotten park merchendise was perched on one of the many filled oak bookshelves, the single item in the room in fact, that even hinted at the man's biggest sucess and greatest tragedy – a stuffed velociraptor with large, yellow eyes and a wide smile. Though she’d never seen the real deal herself, the footage from San Diego had convinced her more than enough that the real thing did infact, exist.

It wasn’t hard to find what she was looking for – and it made her wonder about her fellow collegues , they were getting sloppy it seemed. Since she didn’t have to be back at the office until her 3 pm meeting, she took her time looking over the various folders on display in the bookcase. Some of them were dusty, unfinished projects or ideas that Hammond had discarded long ago.

She found a rather charming one that detailed a park centered around Beatrix Potter animals – complete with color sketches and blueprints, apparently a birthday gift to his newborn daughter. Smiling to herself, she put it back and continued to browse.

As she was putting back a folder labeled ”Entrance fees and preliminary report 1994”, her finger got sliced by a sharp edge of paper.


Flinching, she accidentally dropped it on the floor – some pages sliding out in the process. She sucked at her finger, the sharp tang of metal in her mouth as she bent down to gather up the papers. She was relieved to see that no blood had been spilt on them, but as she was reaching for the folder to put them back, she stopped.

The first page in the pile of seven or eight pages was only an image of the bay of bengal. It was grainy and not in color, clearly printed from a computer. She moved on to the next page – which looked like it was taken from someone’s collection of vacation photos. A man she didn’t recognize was posing for a picture, standing on a low brick wall next to a white beach – he was smiling at the camera laughingly. It was strange however, that the beach seemed to be completely empty. Was it a private resort?

Frowning, Alice switched to the next page, expecting another photo. But instead she saw numbers – a scanned page of what looked like several transactions made two years ago according to the date at the top left corner. But it didn’t say who it was from, merely where it was going – to a private bank in Laos, Thailand.
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: Extinction    Jurassic Park: Extinction  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2016 11:53 pm

Great chapter! I can tell a story is beginning to generate!

Have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: Extinction    Jurassic Park: Extinction  Icon_minitimeSat Jun 18, 2016 7:33 pm

Chapter 2

Seeking a momentary sanctuary in the upstairs bathroom of the Hammond mansion (which in itself should feel more inappropriate, but at the moment Alice couldnt give a damn about propriety) she takes the whole folder with her. It's already responsible for the onset migraine ready to come thundering through her brain so she doesnt feel bad about taking it. She doesnt dare think it yet, but these documents she’s found...She’s got that nagging feeling she always gets when there’s more than meets the eye.

But first things first. She has got to find out more about this secret bank in Laos. Could be that it’s already recognized by the company as a leap point, which then by all means is fine – but if it isn’t? Oh lordy. That doesn't even bear to think about right now.


Back at the main offices, Alices secretary Kevin is doodling crude stuff on his computer – which is supposes to be used for work only. He sniggers around a mouthful of cinnamon doughnut, and Tanya rolls her eyes as she walks by.

"Alice better not catch you..." she sing-songs at him. Kevin scoffs at her, meanwhile the cleavage on the pixalated version of Cameron Diaz is getting more and more enhanced.

When the phone rings, he deftly hides the manipulated image (as if it could be seen through the reciever) and answers, voice squeaking.


”Kevin.” Alice's hushed voice answers.

”Hey boss! Want me to come rescue you already?”

”Eh, no, thanks – but I do have another thing for you to do. Listen carefully, because this is important. Like, more important than you’re used to. ”

She asks Kevin to check the company back log on transactions overseas – anything that has been moved over in the last 6 months or so. Not that they have clearance for that, of course. Nevermind, now all her hard work over fruit punch at the christmas annuals can finally get results.

”So what should I do?” he asks.

That's a good question Alice, what should he do? Thinking for a moment, she comes up with a plan.

”Find Sarah, in finances. Tell her that I misplaced the acquisision folder from january and that I’d like the financial report from InGens filial in Hong Kong. There should be a list on her computer.”

”And then I’ll just ask her to give it to me? Are you crazy? ”

”She owes me a favor, tell her that this makes us even if she gives you any trouble.”

”Right, I’ll try to have it on your desk by the time you get back.”

”Good. And Kevin? Don’t tell anyone else at the office about this.”

She doesnt wait for him to answer or to ask why, because right now she has trouble figuring that out herself. Because this could just be nothing. A renemnant of some old trust fund that’s been misplaced, or a sporadic donation to some tiny orphanage with skeletal children – Hammond was always doing that kind of thing, after all. No need to make people jittery.

But the prickling, sinking sensation she gets when she stairs at that grainy photo of the ocean presists. It does more so when she notices that in the photo of the smiling man, an InGen staff badge can clearly be seen in his breastpocket.


A lot of unmarked trucks are driving along the lone road down the coast of Myeik,Thailand, where villages flash by in a blur of heat and sand.

In the car riding second in line, the passenger seat is occupied by an american who keeps fiddling with a large safari hat in his lap, looking at the horizon.

”How much further?” he asks the driver, who has gone down this road many times by now over the years.

”Another three miles. Then we take the ferry.” he answers in broken english.

”It’s well hidden, isn’t it?”

”Yes sir.”

”Good. Maybe they’ll finally leave us in peace.”

”the government ?”

”No. The human race.”


It’s not her place really to bother. Or let it consume a whole day.

In between her regular correspondence regarding legal matters to do with the natural preserve in South Africa, and meetings held at the office about the growing expansion of the company’s medical branch, her office is both a sanctuary and a pit of snakes because Kevin struck gold. Looking through what he’d brought back to her, there’s only one conclusion to make.

There’s a large dog buried in Laos, and it’s name isn’t Charity.


Ironically, Kevin had done a much better job at this than he had at anything else for months. She had asked only for the official finance report spanning 6 months back – what he’d given her was that, and more. Much more. Apparently Sarah didn’t keep her computer encrypted per regulation, or Kevin was much more tech savvy then she realized.

All of it had a large CLASSIFIED stamp in the corner of every page, glaringly red or muted grey depending on the condition of the document and if it had been emailed or not.

He’d given her a complete record of how many times a transaction had been made from InGen (!) to the bank in Thailand – and the last one was made only a month ago.

She looked down at the paper currently at the top of the pile. It was a shipment receipt for meat.

Monthly shipping cost : 120 000

Subject description: animals

How deceptivly vague that description was.

That migraine that was forecast earlier? It’s crashing through her brain now like an electric storm. He thing was, If InGen was planning to open up another zoo, it would have made the news by now, or at least have been known within the company. But this was secret information.

Sometimes, though rare, Alice wished that she had chosen another profession. Say, one that didn’t result in physical pain and constant sleep deprivation.

But having said all that, it doesn’t matter whatever it is she has stumbled upon. Because it goes beyond what she gets payed for. Way, way beyond. And normally, as a lawyer, finding loop holes is basically a thing of pride in her job. And then pride equals money, in that sense. Because that’s what she fights for, protects her company against losing.

But if you work for a company like InGen, with a history that could be either discribed as disturbing or breathtaking, it weighs more to make a decision.

And this was one she was going to have to make herself. So what was it to be?

Investigate or let it slide?

Careful Alice, you’re a lawyer – not a journalist. Her old harvard professor boomed from inside her skull. And he was right.

But he didn’t work for a company that had vowed, five years ago, in court, to uphold the law – and not to try and give birth to any more prehistoric animals. UN had been involved, prohibiting InGen from getting involved in the same stupid, lethal business all over again – it was either that or face bankruptcy.

She sat around at her desk for about 45 minutes, just trying to think of people she could talk to about this. Or more importantly, who could she talk to that wouldn’t A. Have an apoplectic fit B.Call every news station availabe, or C. Admonish her vehemently against what she was thinking about doing.

And it all came down to one person. She hadn’t talked to him or seen him in 10 years, but it was honest to god the only person who had been previously involved in the whole dinosaur catastrophy who wouldn’t cower from this situation. After searching through her adress book, she picked up the phone.

Van Owen answered on the third ring.
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Jurassic Park: Extinction
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