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 The 'Erratas' Mystery

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The 'Erratas' Mystery Empty
PostSubject: The 'Erratas' Mystery   The 'Erratas' Mystery Icon_minitimeThu Jul 28, 2016 9:14 pm

I thought you guys might get a kick out of this since it's vaguely Jurassic Park related. Basically it's this conspiracy theory about a program called 'Erratas' used by major companies. It's this weird creepy string of connections that at one point involves a guy who makes Jurassic Park tribute videos, and a mysterious twitter and youtube user who goes by 'Tod Ellsworth' which is an anagram for The Lost World.

I was sort of there as people were figuring this stuff out on the 4chan board /x/. The information in the link above is accurate, at least to my knowledge. You can check most of it out for yourself, the most iffy part is users being banned from 4chan and the KFC Chicks bandcamp page, since that was taken down.

This is likely an ARG (basically roleplaying things that people do, usually involving cryptic codes, and they often try to make themselves look like someone is trying to tell them something big like a conspiracy theory. People try to solve these codes for amusement). So even though there probably isn't some major conspiracy going on, I find this kind of stuff enjoyable, and wanted to share it.

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The 'Erratas' Mystery
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