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 Do you think Indominus could survive....

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PostSubject: Do you think Indominus could survive....   Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:23 pm

i actually had an odd dream last night and i figured it'd be worth bringing up in discussion. after we're done with this particular question, we could discuss what else we think it would take to bring down Indominus and what would just be a failed attempt

anyway, in the dream in question, i forget most of the details but it involved a woman and her mother hiding as an Indominus approaches them in a forest. they're both armed, one with an elephant gun and one with a double-barreled shotgun. somehow, they manage to avoid detection by the dinosaur as it searches for them, its head a few feet above them. they point the guns up, right under Indominus' chin, and fire. since dream's aren't necessarily logical, i got the impression that it didn't do much and instead just pissed off the Indominus, resulting in the two women being killed by it.

so, speaking very generally, d'y'all think think Indominus would be hurt if you buried an elephant gun and a double-barreled shotgun under its chin and fired? i can't remember if dinosaur physiology has that the jawbone is solid back there or not

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PostSubject: Re: Do you think Indominus could survive....   Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:55 pm

Yes, and not survive longer then a week or two via starvation/improper eating via severe jaw damage.

A modern day elephant gun would be a .50 heavy anti-material sniper rifle which would blow a big part of its jaw right off. The only way how Indy would not get affected by something like that was if it had some of Godzilla's DNA. If one of the women had one of those bad boys, then the pain might enough for Indy to run away in sheer pain.

By the way, the .50 round was originally made to taking out Imperial German tanks in WW1, which it would have done quite well since tanks were not well armored enough to withstand anything except handgun, rifle, shotgun, and light/medium machine gun rounds.

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Do you think Indominus could survive....
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